Grand Teton National Park

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Experience As A Refuge

    It happened when I was taking a photo of the purple sky and two stretching lakes across the Bonney Pass in the Teton Mountains. I suddenly knew that this wonderful place had transformed me into a better person and a more confident woman. It took some courage to get to that place. Many months before, I had some fear and reluctance when submitting a lengthy application for a counsellor job at the Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Dubois, Wyoming. My stomach had that sinking feeling that I would be leaving my comfortable, close-knit home to work at a ranch camp 2,610 miles away. My friends were close by, and my daily routines were very comfortable. Surely there had to safer jobs nearby, and I was a little nervous already about heading out to college…

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  • Henry Jackson Biography

    In February 1872 Mollie died giving birth to a daughter who lived only briefly. That summer Jackson was with Hayden again, this time in newly created Yellowstone National Park and in the Teton Mountains. (Jenkins, 2001) For seven years, Jackson and Hayden worked together as a team surveying and documenting the secrets of Western America, but when he published his most famous image, the Mount of the Holy Cross, the photo became popular and graced homes all over America. “For years, stories…

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  • National Parks Internship

    is important that Congress allocates the funds to create more national parks because they can provide full-time careers for people as well as internships and seasonal jobs. Within these parks, some of the internships which they offer are Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Internships, Youth Conservation Corps, and National Parks Business Plan Internships. Each of these internships can provide students with a more in depth knowledge about a given field and provide valuable experience. The…

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  • Communication Studies Personal Statement Sample

    connect people to place. I utilize technology to create engaging media showcasing the benefits of Yellowstone’s natural laboratory. I understand the power of technology as a tool to experience, share, and even preserve what most perceive and appreciate as true wilderness. However, I have witnessed a cultural shift to an oversaturated use of technology in which the meaningful experience is less important than the digital confirmation of the reality. In March 2016, the CDC released a…

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  • Theodore Roosevelt's Impact On The Environment

    extinction of the species. Likewise, as cities throughout the nation began to grow and overpopulate, pollution was an issue and was harming animal and plant life, along with the land itself. Just as Theodore Roosevelt was entering his first term as president in 1901, questions concerning conservation arose. Going forward, several acts and laws were passed in order to preserve and protect the stunning lands and breathtaking sceneries throughout the United States. Therefore, conservation efforts…

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  • National Park Environment

    National Park Rangers have incredibly important jobs when it comes to the health of an environment. Park Rangers have the ability to cause considerable change to an environment in a positive or negative way. The role of the national park ranger is to “protect, conserve, and to provide for the enjoyment of our nation 's heritage” (Maciha). National Park Rangers know better than anyone that the most basic of changes can cause an environment, or more specifically an ecosystem to crumble. The most…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Worn Path

    our Australian hiking partner, he came down with Colorado Tick Fever. It 's a viral infection, the only cure is time. He 's back in Australia now, we miss him. After the Montana/Idaho boarder Stabby, Kiddo and I made an impromptu hitch into the town of West Yellowstone for the Forth of July! It was a great place to be for the forth, especially for someone who 's been in the woods so long. It was overwhelming, street vendors, tourists, and fireworks. We ate everything we could find. On…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Migration To The United States

    University of California, Riverside extension. Such as I went to Santa Monica beach it’s one of the famous beaches in the world. There are so pretty and comfortable. Then I went to Yosemite national park with my friends we have seen the snow-capped mountains and heard the bear called. I was thinking it was amazing and crazing. When I was afraid of the bear called my friends laughed to myself. Finally, my mother came to America in…

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  • Essay On Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park within the American West. These new desires had a lasting impact upon the humans and the environment one lived in. In order to achieve these ideas, many barriers had to be overcome to create a system of protecting land and establishing National Parks. Yellowstone National Park was established during the American Gilded Age, a time of greed and growth when America needed to show their culture. Shortly after this establishment in the American West, Australia began to form…

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  • National Park Spheres

    Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to discover because when you do, you start to understand why we have national parks at all. There are three spheres of interaction in the park and they are: nature-and-nature, human-and-nature, and human-and-human. The spheres that stand out are the human-and-nature and nature-and-nature. Tourist-and-wolves interact within the human-and-nature sphere, and the effects of their interaction are a complicated and long relationship within the history of…

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