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  • Homesteading In Montana

    Homesteading in Montana became a way of life in 1862, several citizens from all around fled to Montana to claim land and began farming and ranching. Although this might sound easy there were many stipulations and processes in order to make homesteading possible. From families, wives, operations and much more led into the boom. “The ready available of free or inexpensive land and the new methods of dry farming made the Montana homestead boom possible” (Malone, Roeder and Lang 238). “Three important factors gave the rise to the Homestead Boom in Montana: the dry land farming system of agriculture, the availability of large tracts of land either free or at low prices, and the mammoth promotional campaign that cracked up around 1908” ( Malone,…

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  • Hannah Montana Character Analysis

    Disney Channel aired the first episode of Hannah Montana on March in 2006. The show featured a girl named Miley Stewart living a double life as a normal teen by day and a pop superstar, Hannah Montana, by night. It became an instant hit and only grew more popular throughout the four seasons, which ended in 2011. Since television is the most powerful factor influencing our generation today, Disney knew Hannah Montana would be the perfect role model for tweens. She solves everyday teen problems,…

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  • Montana Meth Advertisement Analysis

    achieving their goal. Many of these ads are intended to make people scared of drugs, however, I believe no PSAs have been as scary as the ads from the Montana Meth Project. The Montana Meth Project fights against meth use in the state of Montana. They have made many ads intended to educate and dissuade teens and young adults thinking about using meth. One such commercial, entitled Jessica, features multiple settings with a voiceover telling a story of a girl and her experiences in each place.…

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  • Essay On Bear Management

    Bear Management in Montana Forests Those who live in Montana coexist with a vast array of wildlife. One of the most spectacular and intimidating species that can be encountered is the North American Black and Grizzly Bear. Not only are they a species that can be appreciated for their powerful beauty, but they contribute much to the ecosystem as well. Some of their ecological roles include being seed dispensers and nutrient providers ("Black Bear Biology," 2016.) The berries the bears’ consume…

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  • Mother Jones Analysis

    How Refugees Became a Campaign Issue in Montana, featured in Mother Jones, is an article by Max J. Rosenthal centered on the Montana gubernatorial race of 2016. As well as discussing how refugees became a prominent issue in the Montana campaign, Rosenthal analyzes what causes people’s rejection to refugees. Starting with a reference to the Paris terrorist attacks in November, 2015 Rosenthal lays out the political and local sentiments on bringing refugees to Montana, and more specifically…

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  • Montana Environmental History

    The environmental history of Montana has been centered on economic boom and bust cycles, environmental degradation, and profiteering at the expense of Montana by avaricious robber barons. Every cycle has resulted in catastrophic and indelible consequences for the environment, ecosystems and people of Montana. For the most part, America’s unfettered and laissez faire corporate markets allowed for the commodification and exploitation of the environment. In addition, the limitations of Montana’s…

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  • Reflection On Social Working With Clients

    Upon first meeting my client, “John Littlebear”, which is not his real name, but I will call him that due to patient privacy laws, I noticed that he had Tribal Insurance, which meant he was from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. Therefore, I made sure I familiarized myself with the Blackfeet tribal customs before he arrived at the Sleep Center, ensuring I increased my cultural competency (Comstock et al., 2008). With this in mind, in order for social workers to effectively…

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  • Montana 1948 Themes

    In today’s world, one in six women have been the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault. A fraction of these rapes are reported, and even fewer result in a trial. Most rapists never see the inside of a jail cell. In the novel Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, young David Hayden learns that there is more to life in his small town of Bentrock than what at first meets the eye. At twelve years old, David is forced into adulthood by the dark secrets that are uncovered as his father, the town…

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  • Assiniboine Chief Before And After Civilization Analysis

    In the painting, “Assiniboine Chief before and after Civilization” by George Catlin, it illustrated the tragic differences and the conflicts amongst the Native Americans and the white people. In the painting it shows two men dressed in different clothing on different sides of the painting. As you look closely you can tell that the two men are actually just one person. That mysterious man is an assiniboine chief. Located on the left side of the painting, the chief stands so great and proud. He…

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  • Essay On Yellowstone National Park

    Preservation of the Earth’s land became a developing idea throughout the 1800s. The thought of upholding the natural beauty and resources of the land was sparked through the establishment of Yellowstone National Park within the American West. These new desires had a lasting impact upon the humans and the environment one lived in. In order to achieve these ideas, many barriers had to be overcome to create a system of protecting land and establishing National Parks. Yellowstone National Park was…

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