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  • Importance Of Ice In Pakistan

    “Presently, 10 percent of land area on Earth is covered with glacial ice, including glaciers, ice caps, and the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.” ( But, that is changing fast in the modern world. As the temperature of Erath has gone up in the last century. “Averaged over all land and ocean surfaces, temperatures have warmed roughly 1.33°F (0.74ºC) …” ( This has led to many wondering what the possible outcomes for the future of the planet. This is concerning for one place in the world more so than any other. That place is Pakistan. In the past they were more abundant with glacier ice than anywhere else in the world, between the poles. This has now got researchers wondering about Pakistan’s ice in the past, present and future. Pakistan General Information…

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  • Hot Ice Research Paper

    testing different methods of melting ice. The solution resulting from the experiment can be used throughout the world to make our roads safer. The literary reviews for this experiment are from two different sources, which both identify problems and potential solutions that relate to this experiment. Virginia’s Road Anti-Icing, Pre-Treatment, and De-Icing article addresses several treatment types, the dangers of black ice, and the different…

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  • Dry Ice-In-Fog Lab

    Experiment 1: Scientific Writing and Integrity Procedure 1. A Molecular Explanation of How the Fog is Produced when Dry Ice is placed in Water The main goal of the article written is to try to figure out where the dry ice-in-water-fog (DIWF) was coming from, for there has been discussion if the fog is coming from the water or if it is coming from the dry ice being sublimed. In their terms, they hope “to describe on molecular terms what may be happening in this demonstration” (644). Researchers…

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  • Ice Cream

    INTRODUCTION Ice cream coined from the term iced cream is a frozen dessert made from milk and cream and mixed with other ingredients to bring various kinds of flavors. Sometimes they are mixed with fruits or sweets as toppings to bring out different flavours. Normally sugars are added in the mixture but sometimes other types of sweeteners are also added. Sometimes artificial colourings and flavorings are also added to bring out different flavours. The ingredients mixed properly are stirred…

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  • Perfect Ice Cream

    can freeze and stop the machine while you are using it. Now, for your ice-cream base. Remember, this is the fundamental mixture that you need to make a perfect ice cream. To make a perfect ice cream base: • The basic ratio to make a heavenly base is 2-8 yolks for 3 cups of dairy product. Adjust a number of egg yolks according to your desire. If you want a lighter base, decrease cream and yolks then put more milk. If you want a richer mixture, do the opposite. Yolks enhance the texture of…

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  • The Role Of Ice In Literature

    Ice and how its seen Ice, frozen water that is very brittle. That is the definition of ice. While it may have one definition it can be interpreted in many different ways around the world. Depending on who you're speaking to they might interpret ice as cold and unforgiving. However, another person might say that ice is the breath of god. The symbolic meaning of ice can be seen in literature with Game of Thrones, Film with Futurama and Batman, art with ice sculptures, religion with…

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  • Ice Skating Short Story

    newly fallen snow as Saturday arrives. Christy flies down the stairs waking us, forgetting to help Mark out of his crib. We can hear his cries as she excitedly pulls us out of bed. This is her day. It belongs to no one else, her first solo ice skating competition. Preparing for this all important day has taken a great deal of work. Able to walk a balance beam at two, Christy takes to ice skating as quickly as she walks a balance beam. Before long we are involved in a world of…

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  • Sea Ice Biome

    changes in sea ice extent. Specifically, the report addresses the slow but significant seasonal decline in sea ice cover. Arctic sea ice is of utmost importance for ecosystems to thrive. Post et al. (2013) discuss this further, stating “the sea-ice biome influences the abundance, distribution, seasonality, and interactions of marine and terrestrial species.” This is especially true for polar bear populations in the Arctic, as the presence of sea ice is imperative to their survival. Increased…

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  • Ice Cream Essay

    Ice cream is defined as a sweetened frozen food which is composed of dairy products like milk, cream and infused with sugar, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorings, water and air. Ice cream varies all over the world this is because the mixture of the ingredients is different from one another. But a good ice cream is composed of: 12% milk fat, 14% milk solid non-fat, 15% sugar, 0.2% stabilizer, 6.2% emulsifier, 55-64% water which is still exclusive of air. Since, ice cream is a whipped product; it…

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  • The Geometry Of Ice Hockey

    Emma Lynch Miss Pizzigoni Geometry H February 10, 2016 The Geometry of Ice Hockey Geometry is involved in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Many sports involve geometry, especially shapes and angles. In particular, the game of NHL Ice Hockey is greatly influenced by geometry. For example, it is used in passing, face-offs, division of zones, and goalkeeping. Players on the ice manipulate the rules of geometry to strategically place the puck in different areas on the rink.…

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