Perfect Ice Cream

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can freeze and stop the machine while you are using it.
Now, for your ice-cream base.
Remember, this is the fundamental mixture that you need to make a perfect ice cream.

To make a perfect ice cream base:
• The basic ratio to make a heavenly base is 2-8 yolks for 3 cups of dairy product. Adjust a number of egg yolks according to your desire. If you want a lighter base, decrease cream and yolks then put more milk. If you want a richer mixture, do the opposite. Yolks enhance the texture of your ice cream and act as an emulsifier (makes the product easy to break after freezing process).
• For sugar, 2/3 cup is ideal to sweeten the base. You can replace it with solid sweeteners, evaporated cane juice, liquid sweeteners like honey or maple
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Make sure that it chilled and aged to ensure flavor development and fat coalescence. It is best to chill the bowl as soon it dries after using.
• Don’t overfill the machine. Two-thirds or about a half-way yields an excellent result. The frozen tub where your mixture is churned needs air to chill properly. Space is also reserved for additional ingredients or flavorings you want to put during churning period.
• Plug in the machine to begin the process. Churn for 20 minutes or until the consistency is between thickened shake drink and soft ice cream.
Adding flavour
You can add flavorings or other ingredients when you are preparing your ice cream base or during churning process.
• Infuse your favorite herb or spice while you are heating the milk. Strain the mixture to eliminate solid particles.
• Extracts, oils (peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon) or liqueurs can be added when your ice cream base is cool.
• Add berries and fruits in your base mixture. Make sure to crush them first with the little amount of sugar before mixing it to the base recipe.
• Add chocolate chips, whole berries, toffee bits, toasted nuts or crumbled cookies few minutes before the end of churning period. You can also place them as toppings.

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