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  • The Rise Of Global Sea Level

    According to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (an American institution), “more than 100 million people currently live within 1 [metre] of mean sea level”, meaning that close to 100 million people could and will be displaced from their homes within the next few hundred years, due to sea level rise (2010). There are several factors that contribute to the rise of global sea-level, both directly (warming oceans, expansion of ocean particles and melting glaciers) and indirectly (global warming and the loss of ice shelves). While ice shelves don’t directly contribute to the rising of sea-level, they play an important part in acting as a resistance towards the runoff water from glaciers to stop this water from reaching the ocean. The buttressing…

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  • The Water Cycle Short Story

    Molly and her other ice cube friends floated to the top of the cup once all of the water was in the cup, since the water was more dense than the ice cubes. Once the cup was filled the little boy brought the cup outside and set on the small play table. It was a warm sunny day, so Molly knew that at least another day had passed since she 'd been in the freezer. Molly Watched the little boy play out in the grass from her ice cube state. Since it was so warm outside the ice cubes began to melt in…

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  • Essay On Food Waste In America

    sell by dates as guidelines. Trust your sense of smell, touch and taste. Food doesn't always go expired when it goes past the “expiration date”. Keep track of what foods you are throwing away so that in the future, you can prevent the same thing from happening again. Another tip when keeping a log of the foods you have is checking your fridge when you go shopping so you don't double up on food. Donate to food banks and local farms. Before you throw away any food. Look into local food banks and…

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  • Hot Ice Research Paper

    testing different methods of melting ice. The solution resulting from the experiment can be used throughout the world to make our roads safer. The literary reviews for this experiment are from two different sources, which both identify problems and potential solutions that relate to this experiment. Virginia’s Road Anti-Icing, Pre-Treatment, and De-Icing article addresses several treatment types, the dangers of black ice, and the different…

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  • Uniform Labeling System

    means there is not any place to start. The Department Of Health and Human Services states, “FDA does not require food firms to place ‘expired by’, ‘use by’, or ‘best before’ dates on food products. This information is entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.” (United States, Dept. of Health and Human Services). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated before that they do not feel date labels relate to food safety, which is why they do not regulate them. Because it is not…

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  • GMO Vegetables: A Case Study

    ripe, many customers will leave it on the shelf and supermarkets know it. Another reason is supermarket are increasingly catering to harried people who show up on their way home from work to buy ready-to-go meals. Some of that food is pre-packaged into single servings or servings for two. Much of it is set out in salad bars and buffets so people can choose what they want and pay by the pound. Either way, at the end of the day, prepared food by law can’t be resold the next day, so it is waste. By…

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  • Waste Definitions: The US Department Of Agriculture (USDA)

    as insect infestations in storage, imodle, stored at an incorrect temperature, deteriation, or impromper transportation and handling. Perishable food is more likely to be lost at this point rather than non-perishable food. Food safety regulations inacted by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service diverts some product from entering the consumer side of the food supply chain. For example, food that has reached the sell-by date while still in the supermarket is an important compoentn of food…

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  • Poem Analysis: The Jewels That Mountains Wear

    The Jewels That Mountains Wear Image source: How much ice did you ever see in one place? An ice tray full? A skating rink full? A pond full? A river frozen from bank to bank? That 's a lot of ice. But there are places in the world where there is more. Much more. You know how high mountains are. There are places where the space between mountains is crammed and jammed and packed full of ice. This kind of ice is called glacier. This video simply explains how glacier is…

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  • Climate Change Affect How We Will Live In The Present And Future

    expected that there will be dangerous heat waves in the summer. “Their findings, published Monday in the online journal Nature Climate Change, suggest that once every five years, Europe is likely to experience “a very hot summer,” in which temperatures are about 1.6 degrees Celsius, or 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit, above the 1961-90 average. This is up from a probability, just a decade ago, that such events would occur only once every 52 years, a 10-fold increase”(Christidis, 2014). This heat buildup…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Snow Day

    I value winter for not only its activities, snow days, or cheering fires, but above all for its simple, natural beauty. I stop in my step, mesmerized by the painted canvas around me. I feel a tingle inside me as I take in my surroundings. There is the perfect mix of blues, greys and whites as I gaze into the sky amongst the fluffy grey clouds. Amongst this painting in the sky, rings of yellow and pale orange create a precise flickering circle. The rings cast a dim glimmer through the colours of…

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