The Water Cycle Short Story

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The Water Cycle Imagine you are a water molecule, like Molly. You begin your life up in the sky and are happy and content. Molly lives in a nimbostratus cloud right above a small countryside home. Molly has never left her comfy cloud, since the drought it hasn 't rained much around her home town of Porterville. Molly wanted nothing more than to fall through the sky and live her life as a raindrop. It was a cold afternoon in January and the sky was an ugly gray. The clouds looked heavy and thunder began. All of the water molecules in Molly 's cloud began to join together and Molly grew excited. She knew what was going to happen next. After just 3 short minutes rain began to fall. At last! Molly and all her water molecule friends we …show more content…
Molly and her other ice cube friends floated to the top of the cup once all of the water was in the cup, since the water was more dense than the ice cubes. Once the cup was filled the little boy brought the cup outside and set on the small play table. It was a warm sunny day, so Molly knew that at least another day had passed since she 'd been in the freezer. Molly Watched the little boy play out in the grass from her ice cube state. Since it was so warm outside the ice cubes began to melt in the cup. Kinetic energy in the ice cubes began to increase due to the warm temperature, and the water molecules in Molly 's ice cube began to separate from one another. She was free again, there were no more ice cubes in the cup, it was all water due to the warm temperature out. Molly was enjoying her newfound freedom when all of a sudden she felt a big THUD. The soccer ball the little boy was playing with had knocked over the cup of water! Molly and the other water molecules were spilt all over the warm cement ground. “Just leave it there, the sun will soak it up.” Molly heard a grown man 's voice shout. The little boy walked up to the puddle of water and stared at it, then ran back to play. Molly began to panic, what was happening? It was hot, very hot. The temperature outside caused Molly and the other water molecules to gain kinetic energy. The water molecules began getting farther and farther apart. The water molecules all drifted apart due to the warm temperatures and began to evaporate. Soon all the water molecules had gained enough kinetic energy from the temperature and they we 're all evaporate. There was no sign of the water puddle anymore. Molly was sad, her trip down on the ground was over. She began making her way back home up to her

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