David Foster Wallace This Is Water Summary

When your conception of the world is limited by your solidarity as a person. Your solidarity skews your perception of the reality that you are perceiving. The fact of reality ties to the fabric of reality, and every minor variable is taken in to account in the equation of the creation of that fabric. A soda, left to fend for itself on a wall. May be a product of ones lack of care for the environment, a casualty in a bigger drama amongst someone’s life, or even a coincidental landing from a storm. That can, none the less is on the wall regardless. “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace is a short explanation of the differencing reality’s one may perceive. Wallace’s outstanding use of figurative language, diction, and imagery construes his desirable attitude towards thinking outside ones individual reality.

At the beginning of this article, Wallace explains with figurative language, fish. These fish not having a real grasp on their own reality are faced
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Their long ride in slow bumpy traffic, the over lit, over marketed task of traveling through a super market, and the infuriating lines of the late night rushed cashiers. The individual explained lives in a reality of exhausted, overwhelming, and simply frustrating tasks that have to be overcome to find their own personal peace. Wallace explains again the double reality that exists outside of one’s perception. Relating to the other drivers on the road, with their own reality that may have a more explainable reason for impatience. The other soulless looking people in line at the super market, with their own reasons of a ghostly stare. The explanation of this event in one person’s life, simply seeing the outer ring of others reality, shows the relationship between individuals. Each person’s situations rubbing up against each other, and being perceived differently based on

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