The Reality Of Reality In This Is Water By David Foster Wallace

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When your conception of the world is limited by your solidarity as a person. Your solidarity skews your perception of the reality that you are perceiving. The fact of reality ties to the fabric of reality, and every minor variable is taken in to account in the equation of the creation of that fabric. A soda, left to fend for itself on a wall. May be a product of ones lack of care for the environment, a casualty in a bigger drama amongst someone’s life, or even a coincidental landing from a storm. That can, none the less is on the wall regardless. “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace is a short explanation of the differencing reality’s one may perceive. Wallace’s outstanding use of figurative language, diction, and imagery construes his desirable attitude towards thinking outside ones individual reality. …show more content…
These fish not having a real grasp on their own reality are faced with an older wiser fish’s simple question of “How’s the water?” These young fish were faced with an odd question to themselves. “What the hell is water?” Wallace uses this metaphor to allow the reader to see a double sided reality. The young fish, who have resided and survived in H2O since their hatching, have not quite accepted their reality of being creatures under water. Even though the fish without water would die, they lived only accepting their fellow under water creatures and the obstacles in their way. They lived their life only worrying about the variables

that could, and have affected their prosperity as fish. A lifestyle that many humans find themselves living. A blissful existence of the bubble around them and not what is outside that bubble or sometimes even what makes up the bubble. The not only harsh but beautiful reality that is outside your existence is hard to see when you don’t know what you’re looking

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