Short Story 'Hidden Lived Of Lakes'

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The short story, “Hidden Lived of Lakes” by Gina Ochsner, indicates the Western beliefs of Christianity. The story reflects on the Christian believes of death, focusing on whether or not people should fear death. The symbol in the story portraying death equates to the hole Luba and her group create in the ice. The hole defines the gateway to the underworld, a place in where souls go after they die. Mysterious voices come from underneath the ice calling out to Luba, sparking her curiosity of finding out what goes on under the ice and the source of the voices she hears murmuring. She then encounters the source of the voices coming from the ice; they began to comfort her soul as she seeks for happiness. In the end, she comes to the decision to …show more content…
According to Happiness, an article by May Tomlinson, “[women] looks upon happiness as [her] natural heritage. Always [she dreams] of some Utopia, always searching for a Promised Land” (57). Luba seeks the happiness Tomlinson asserts about, by finding peace within her soul and freeing her soul from all the unhappiness she lived through. She knew that stepping into the water would erase all her worried. She will pass on peacefully without any pain, without no worries or regrets about not living her life to the fullest.
The purity if the water relates to the Christians belief of baptism. During the act of baptism a soul becomes clean from all their suffering and sins. “I baptize you with* water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit” (Mark 1:8). Luba was baptized in the lake by Batushka. The hole in the ice and purity of the water wipes away all her worries and sins. She knows that she wanders to go closer to her God as she remembers when Batushka baptized her in the lake, giving her more confidence and hope that she will have the peace in her heart and will end all her suffering from her past

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