A Long Walk To Water Essay

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A Lost Boy is Found Salva was one of 40,000 lost to survive a life in Sudan. Linda Sue Park wrote the book A Long Walk To Water. The book is about a boy named Salva and his journey while growing up away from him and walking from refugee camp to refugee camp in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Eventually he got selected to go to The United States of America and still loves in New York today. Salva is a survivor because he persevered through new settings and areas, overcame wild obstacles, and endured the lost of loved ones. When Salva was 11 he was forced to abandon his home and family and flee to safety because of war. He had to grow up adapting to new areas all across Africa. “ The walking began again. Salva shook with terror inside and out… Every movement in the grass was a lion stalking”(40). He had to survive a few days in lion country, fearing for his life and waiting to get through it. “ They were going to close the camp. Everyone will have to leave… Salve ha to make up his mind. He would walk south to Kenya”(73-80). Salva now 17 has already already been …show more content…
“Salva’s eyes were swollen shut… Their injuries weren’t bruises they were bee stings”(27). Salva had to overcome getting stung by bees so bad he couldn’t open his eyes. He was just trying to eat some honey and sleep. “ A lion had been hungry enough to approach the group as they slept… only a few sloutches of blood near the path”(41). When Salva was on his way to a refugee camp he had to stay the night in lion country. While they were sleeping one had come and ate his friend Marial and no one even knew it was going to happen. “ The Gilo was well known for something else… Crocodiles… a moment later, the man was pulled under. A cloud of red stained the water”(75-78). When forced to leave one of the refugee camps he was pushed to go into crocodile infested waters and swim across. He luckily made it across safely and began on another

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