The Big Thirst : The Secret Life And Turbulent Future Of Water

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Water is constantly changing. According to Charles Fishman, the author of The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water, he states, “Water is unpredictable. Water is fickle. But that is water’s nature. The fickleness, the variability, is itself predictable” (319). Fishman is explaining to the audience that no person truly understands water to its full extent. Most people only get to view one side of water and therefore, do not appreciate it for what it truly is. Water is much more than what people see of water. Water is everything. That indicates that water is in everything from pants to phones. Water is utilized so frequently without the average person knowing the full usage of water. Water cannot be understood, but it can be influenced. Throughout the world there are water problems happening constantly, such as floods and droughts. People are continuously attempting to produce solutions to their own local water problems and problems that are present globally. Communities can impact droughts in either a positive or negative way depending on how they utilize water in their community. Many citizens refuse to acknowledge water issues unless the issues affect their daily life, such as their shower time or how much water they receive each week to live on. Countries and cities all around the world have their own way of dealing with water conservation, but the United States can solve their water problems by having stricter water rules, raising the prices of water,…

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