Water Crisis In Michigan

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Water is one life’s most precious resources. In some organisms, water comprises as much as 90% of personal body weight, in humans, this ratio is 60%. Hence, when water is contaminated or sparse, life quality can be expected to drop dramatically. Such is the case in Flint Michigan where a Water Crisis has been unfolding for two years ever since the city began to use water from the local Flint River (Foley). The case of Flint is a precautionary one as it is tragic as it may herald the need for a significant shift in America’s water management plant. By addressing important issues such as this, Ultius is pleased to provide succinct analysis and relevant viewpoints, in providing a timeline; and to give potential customers and opportunity to familiarize themselves with the high caliber writing done by our
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On April 25, 2014 the city switches its water supply from Detroit’s system to the Flint River. The switch was made as a cost-saving measure for the struggling, majority-black city. Soon after, residents begin to complain about the water’s color, taste and odor, and to report rashes and concerns about bacteria. Between August and September of 2014, City officials issue boil-water advisories after coliform bacteria are detected in tap water. In October of 2014; The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality blames cold weather, aging pipes and a population decline. Also, A General Motors plant in Flint stops using municipal water, saying it corrodes car parts. From January 2015 to February 2015; Detroit’s water system offers to reconnect to Flint, waiving a $4 million connection fee. Three weeks later, Flint’s state- appointed emergency manager, Jerry Ambrose, declines the offer. In a memo for the governor, officials play down problems and say that the water is not an imminent “threat

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