Ice Melts Essay

Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts? Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts? In an experiment (not ours) involving three liquids, pop melted the ice within it the fastest out of the three. Molecules cause ice to melt in a pretty simple way. When salt is thrown on snow or ice, it prevents the ice or snow from freezing over once again. There are quite a few man-made ices, one being ice cubes. Glaciers have been around almost since the ice age, and they still haven’t melted. Though, human inventions and so on are resulting in large ice structures melting faster by polluting the air. There are a lot of ingredients in liquids that could affect how an ice cube melts. There are also certain points about …show more content…
There are many interesting facts about different liquids. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and turns to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Water conducts heat better than air. Salt water may make ice melt even faster than regular water. As water freezes it expands and covers more area. Water is made of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Water covers about 70% of the earth. A carbonated drink and liquid with acid in them melts ice faster than normal. The liquid’s density also affects how fast an ice cube melts.
Ice cubes have a lot of different functions. Ice cubes melt slower than crushed ice. Ice covers about 10 percent of the earth’s land. If the atmosphere around the ice is warm, the ice itself heats up. The warmer the liquid, the faster the ice melts. Heat transfers from your hand to the ice. Salt makes ice cubes melt faster. The size of the ice cube also affects its melting rate. Ice melts faster when the air is moving. The chemicals may also change how long the ice cube takes to melt. If the ice is warmer than the water or vice versa, they will change temperature until they are the same
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We will use 7 different liquids in the experiment, including : Gatorade, beer, pop, juice, water, lemonade, and milk. The ingredients in Gatorade are: water, sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium chloride, sodium citrate. The ingredients in pop: carbonated water, sucrose, caramel color, caffeine, red 40, ester gum, sodium citrate, citric acid, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, sodium benzonate, yellow 5, malic acid, modified food starch, sugar, brominated vegetable oil. Pop usually contains a large amount of acid. The ingredients in lemonade: carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, citric acid, antioxidant, acidity regulator. The ingredients in orange juice: oranges, water, sugar, citric acid. The ingredients in apple juice: water, sugar, apple juice concentrate, ascorbic acid. The different kinds of milk: cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, raw milk, grass milk, lactose free milk, organic milk, non- homogenized milk, guernsey milk. The ingredients in beer: water, hops, malted barley, corn, rice, sugar, agave, millet, sorghum, cassava, yeast, irish moss, gelatin, isinglass,

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