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  • John Updike's Icons

    An icon is a symbol that is permanently significant, timeless, easily recognized, cultural significance, an artifact (human made), and not a celebrity (icon picture of a celebrity). One icons that fits this category is Mickey Mouse’s silhouette because when we look at Mickey it’s one big circle for the head and two smaller circles for the ears that we can easily identify it as Mickey Mouse. Another icon that fits the categories is the photo of Firefighters at Ground Zero. The is taken after the September 11 attack on America, the photo has a resembles of the Battle of Iwo Jima. An icon can have different meaning to the people that views the icon. John Updike’s icon image is Mickey Mouse because he has a personal connection as he grew up watch…

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  • Eastern Christian Iconoclasm

    The theme/text that I found enriching and challenging is Iconoclasm. Before this class, I had only heard a little-bit about icons, and I was ignorant and ambivalent about the controversy. I discovered through this class that icons are central to Eastern Christian theology and identity. For Eastern Christians, icons are used in religious contexts and also venerated by touching, kissing, bowing in front of them, and lighting candles—these Christians are iconophiles (icon lovers). Icons were…

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  • Byzantine Art Themes

    Byzantine art, especially Byzantine icons, can be commonly be referred to as sacred art. As described by art historian, Herbert Read, Byzantine art is “the purest form of religious art that Christianity has experienced.” (Cavarnos, pg. 25). Due to Byzantine art’s deep rooting in the Christian faith, most of the depictions of this art period are religious figures. Most of the icons are closely associated with wooden panel painting (Brooks, p. 1). The many themes found within Byzantine art…

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  • Political Cartoon: Donald Trump

    greater social commentary on Trump and the implications he has on society. In the political cartoon there is the most obvious visual, which is the signifier, and the message it is sending, which is the signified. The signifier in this context is the portrait of Donald Trump with the wall inside his mouth paired with the clipboard that lists Trump’s platform. The signified in this context is the message that the platform Trump is running on should be blocked. The message is signified through the…

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  • Analysis Of Flashpoint: Batman-Knight Of Vengeance

    thing to do. Martha tells him to promise her that he will do it, the scene ends with the two embracing in a kiss under the rain. This scene evokes a lot of emotion. As the readers feelings are manipulated with sympathizing with both Thomas and Martha as the two embraced love towards each other. With the use of these rhetorical devices, it helps bring emphasis on the theme of losing one 's humanity, as Thomas and Martha Wayne both did as they both being cold and heartless in their own way.…

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  • Renaissance And Byzantine Art Essay

    than 4 saints. These saints appear to be in a more comfortable place than the first piece. I see the saints admiring the Virgin and the child rather than guarding the Virgin and the child in the first piece. Even though they both seemed to be religious, this piece looks like they are at an event to meet the Virgin and Christ. The age of the child looks to be older than the first piece. In this piece everyone has a hat on except the Virgin. This piece was painted (ca. 1200-1600) which was…

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  • Catholic Symbolism In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    All through Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897), the use of the well known catholic symbols are used for protection from the anti-Christ. Catholic symbols like the rosary, the cross, prayer ritual, and the Holy Communion Host are used for protection to overcoming the evil Count Dracula. Stoker places Catholic symbols to defend and fight the evil of Count Dracula. From the beginning of Dracula, these symbols are used to say that Protestant modernity alone will not get you through life’s struggles.…

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  • Compare Incarnation And Icons

    The Incarnation and Icons There has been great debate over the centuries about whether it is appropriate, or not, to use an icon of Jesus in worship or religious practices. Those that are against the use of an icon believe that this practice violates the second of the Ten Commandments because it can be seen as idolatry. On the other hand, those that are for the use of an icon believe that it is justified by the doctrine of incarnation; Jesus used a physical body to accomplish a spiritual work…

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  • Popular Culture In America

    A Moments to Myself Have you ever think about why popular culture affect us? Popular culture is what we consume in our lives and the decision in what we make. American popular culture have a positive influence on society. We are influenced by our popular culture because of the way we socialize with the social media, television, music, and magazines. Popular culture have shaped us in many ways, such as, the way we dress, do things, and connect ourselves with all of these social medias. Pop…

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  • Robin Williams: An Icon

    Robin Williams: An Icon As an only child, Robin Williams regularly played by himself with his toy soldiers in the attic of his family’s home; he did not know then that one day he would become an American icon. He grew up to become one of the greatest celebrities of our time. In the 1970s, he was credited with leading San Francisco’s comedy renaissance, and became an award-winning comedian, actor, and humanitarian. He was known for his improvisational skills, keeping a vast array of quips and…

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