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  • Morenci Copper Mine Case Study

    Morenci is the largest copper mine in North America. Just before Richard started working there, they had set the world record for the highest production open pit mine in the world – 12.4 million tons of material were moved in 24 hours. It is geographically located in eastern Arizona. The mine is run by a company called Phelps Dodge. Approximately 2,000 people work at the mine. (“Morenci Copper Mine”) In the mid 90’s Richard Arstein was working at Caterpillar Proving Grounds, south of Tucson, as a test engineer. People there are only supposed to work for three to five years since it was a unique experience and an experience that they needed more people in the company to have, and he had been there five when an opportunity came up. There was a new exchange program in which Caterpillar and Phelps Dodge would trade employees for a while, and Richard signed up. He ended up going to the Morenci Mine and working there as an exchange employee. I was kind of babysitting some GPS stuff and just hanging out and riding around with people, um, trying to learn something, and that kind of got old after a while, so I asked them to give me a job, anything, no matter how lame it is, and um, they thought I could be a shift supervisor. So they said if you’re willing to stick it out for at least six months . . . do you think you could do it? I said that I’ve ridden around with those guys, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even understand what they were saying on the radio, you know . . . I’d probably…

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  • Identified Gaps: A Summary

    2.4 Summary of Identified Gaps: The literature shows no consensus regarding what is considered as effective from the HE Islamic studies course design perspective. Though the western universities have implemented a number of best practices with regards to HE course design in general, it has been highlighted that very limited attention has been given to the structure of Islamic studies courses and the assumptions that underlie such studies (Morris et al., 2013). Research has also identified that…

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  • Was The American Revolution Identified Or Legally Justified?

    Colonel and former president, George Washington once says, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth (Brainyquotes 1).” Similarly, the American Revolution’s ideal of the war being irrepressible rapidly grew. To continue with this idea, the British, or the Parliament did not see their acts towards the colonists as unlawful, and saw this to be legally justified. The causes of war due to a religious awakening, the British disrespecting the colonists such as levy taxes, no…

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  • Case Study: Identified Workplace Problem: Referral Process

    Identified Workplace problem: referral process Richmond Family Medicine (RFM) is a patient centered medical home that opened up to patients in October 2011. The psychiatric nurse practitioner (PNP) has been a part of the treatment team since that time, and accepts referrals for consultation, psychiatric evaluations, and medication recommendations. Over the past few years, the system for initiating, triaging and completing referrals has varied. There has been no ongoing consensus and system…

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  • Tesla Model S: Identified Solution For A Sustainable Transportation Industry

    The increasingly intensive scarcity of fuel resources is making an energy innovation race among vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, electric vehicle is considered as a sufficient solution for a sustainable transport industry. In the recent year, the number of electric vehicles sold out has been increased significantly throughout the world. This pattern has been formed by the awareness and action on reducing gas emission for the environmental benefits, simultaneously decrease the burden…

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  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Essay

    Many comparisons of newborns identified early with a hearing loss to those who are identified later prove the importance of early identification. Early identification of hearing loss is crucial for the child’s access to language while the child’s brain has plasticity and language foundations, access to early intervention programs and assessment in the way a child is to be educated, and parental modes of communication with their child. If we identify a child with a hearing loss early, the…

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  • Understanding Addiction Case Study

    and the different types of substance(s) withdrawal symptoms. PO shared his substance use experience with peers, and identified reasons to stay clean and sober. PO completed the weekly treatment progress, which indicated he attended 2 sober meetings last week. Verification was provided. Lundvall Group topic: Understanding Addiction PO attended group on time and moderately participated in the group activities. PO learned the definition of addiction, the addiction process, and the different…

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  • Reflective Analysis Of Strengths

    plan of action to assist in capitalizing or making those identified strengths even stronger. The text identifies a total of strengths or talents that an individual could possibly possess. This particular assessment provides five distinct strengths in order from most distinct to least distinct. After taking the Strengths Finder…

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  • Green Supply Chain Management Case Study

    approach. Management commitment was found to have highest driving power, whereas, safety culture, sustainable construction, conducive working environment have been identified as the factors having highest dependent power. 2. Zhang et al. (2015) employed the interpretative structural modeling (ISM) approach to formulate the network reconfiguration problem in order to analyze the interrelationship among the factors having impacts on the same and the security and speediness of restoring…

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  • Messaging Platform Essay

    What unique feature KFUPM has related to # 1 Other related supporting features that KFUPM has related to # 1 What benefits have been identified by M&L What core message has been developed by M&L about such need#1 Need/Aspiration #2 Do we agree with M&L How KFUPM rate its Competitors with respect of fulfilling #2 (strengths/weaknesses of competitors) What unique feature KFUPM has related to # 2 Other related supporting features that KFUPM has related to # 2 What benefits have been identified by…

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