Blessed Virgin Mary

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  • Barbara Capitelli Poem

    should have done. In nature things happen because they are supposed to happen. Barbara, quit thinking about your self and start praying. Forget about what you can’t control or what you can’t change. Most things just happen, but in a way death is predictable but life isn’t. My Cassie was an accident and a mistake, except what is important is what happens next. I can not change the past but with the benefit of the past I can change the future. The past is a guiding light but not a beacon. A mother is a guiding light but can she be a beacon? A mother has little maternal knowledge, is given little guidance, and yet she expects perfection. Mrs. LaFleur needs help. She needs to hold the hand of God for comfort and strength and guidance. Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, as a Mother help this woman through her agony and help her find love in her other children. Help her to guide them through life and find respect in what is left. Don’t let the rest of her life be in vain. As my Cassie would say, “Rain brings raindrops and the lucky ones fall on wings of birds, pretty flowers or butterflies. If I were a raindrop I would fall where I want to and see what happens.” That is what my Cassie would say. *** Cassie couldn’t take her eyes off of the three coffins that were lined up like soldiers and surrounded by a field of flowers. The coffins were so simple that to her they seemed in appropriate to be the final resting spot for lives so full of energy, and they did little to fill the void…

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  • Comparing Cathedrals: Monastic And Secular Cathedrals

    One of them being the cathedrals. Monastic cathedrals were run by monks (Lehmberg 261) while secular cathedrals are run by deans and canons (Lehmberg 262). The monastic cathedrals had a chief officer of the monastery instead of deans (Lehmberg 41). Monastic also housed more people than secular (Lehmberg 39). There were differences in how they did their services. The monastic cathedrals held three masses each day (Lehmberg 49). The three masses that were held included the morning mass, the…

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  • Mexico Essay On All Saints Day

    Mexicans praise her because hundreds of years ago on a hillside near Mexico City, a beautiful dark skinned woman appeared to Juan Diego, a poor Indigenous Catholic. She told him her name was Saint Mary of Guadalupe and ordered him to visit the highest Priest and tell him to build a Church for her to be cherished. Juan Diego did as he was told, but the priest didn’t believe him. A few days later the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to him once more and ordered him to go to a nearby hill and gather…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    Its purpose was to resolve a dispute between Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorius about the nature of Mary and whether or not she should be declared Theotokos (Simonetti, 2006, 808). Nestorius opposed the term because “whenever the sacred scriptures speak of Our Lord’s activity, they never speak of the birth and suffering of the divinity, but of the humanity of Christ. That is why the most accurate way of speaking about the Holy Virgin is Christ-bearer, not God-bearer” (Fouad, 2010). He…

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  • The Comedia Of Virginity Summary

    The Comedia of Virginity: Mary and the Politics of Seventeenth-Century Spanish Theater was written by Mirzam C. Perez and published on October 15th 2012. This theater history book essentially discusses the important role that the character of the Virgin Mary had in 17th Century Spanish theater and politics. The author argues that there was much more to character of Mary than just her purity during this time. She argues that the Virgin Mary also represented something people could use to…

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  • Madonna And Child

    A prevalent image in art throughout the ages, the portrait of the Madonna and Child is a depiction of Mary holding the infant Christ. Incredibly popular to portray, artists throughout the centuries show a great deal of variety in their depiction of the iconic duo. Found in the National Gallery of Ireland in the early Italian Renaissance gallery, The Virgin and Child, Saint John the Baptist and Prophets by an unknown artist and The Virgin and Child by Paolo Uccello reflect the drastic transition…

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  • Differences Of Isis, The Black Madonna, Madonna And Child, And The Virgin Mary?

    Part One: Question 1 While researching Isis, the Black Madonna, Madonna and Child, and the Virgin Mary I was amazed by all of their stories. I was a little baffled by the similarities that I found in my research. Looking at Isis, I was extremely amazed at everything with her. I had never heard of her, so when researching I was fascinated by it all. Isis was an Egyptian goddess. Isis was seen as such a beauty an independent goddess, and a mother. Her name means Queen of the throne or female of…

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  • Friendship In Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima

    brave enough to stand up for himself. Although he is scared, he retaliates, “She is not a witch; she is a good woman,” (146). This shows growth in Antonio because originally, Red stands up for him when he is unable to. Antonio learns about new beliefs from Samuel and Cico. After Antonio hears the story of the golden carp, it is the first time he learns of a god other than the one he knows of. “‘The golden carp,’ I said to myself, ‘a new god?’ I could not believe this strange story, and yet I…

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  • Mistero Buffo: Mary Under The Cross

    It is described as a mystery because when Fo first discovered this story, he saw textual fragments about its 13th century origins in a magazine article. One detail that stuck out to him was that the Virgin Mary was quite different than the well-known Biblical version of her. In this piece, she refused to accept that Jesus was making himself into a sacrificial lamb for all those who have sinned. Additionally, she opposed everyone that contributed to putting Jesus on the cross to be crucified (Fo…

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  • Analysis: The Getty In Los Angeles, California

    Jesus and Virgin Mary. The painting had many effects achieved through painting over gold, which would make the painting much more valuable since it had been painted over gold. Seeing as the piece was done on something of actual monetary value, it would therefore signify that the art depicted shows an interest and strong values in religion itself. The crown on the Virgin Mary itself features glass gems as well. The objects most likely had been designed in order to show the beauty of the Virgin…

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