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  • Obelisk Monument Analysis

    The Obelisk’s iconography takes on a geographic scope in its artistic elements as the interaction sphere of Chavin’s civilization sphere entailed the desert coast, humid tropical forests and highlnds, which were three key ecological zones of Peru. The monumental architecture reflected the unique interregional syntesis of Chavin as it is located on a crucial route from the Pacific Coast, through the high pass to the Amazon basin. The obelisk, additionally, was structured in a manner that it reflected the iconography and architecture of Chavin that was always viewed as an unprecedented unification factor of formerly heterogenous elements (James 8). The features of the Obelisk on the other hand were made in a form of zoomophic figures and two key representations that were dominated by ancient cayman attributes (Weinstenmantel…

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  • Beyonce's Last Supper Analysis

    Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy’s is a talked about performance that contain many influences from art. A one that initially standout after researching the influence and then re-watching the performance is the heavy influence from the love goddess Oshun. Oshun is associated with sweetness, kindness, generosity, and bountiful love. The MTV article written by Liz Raiss asked art historians, what they taught about Beyoncé’s usage of the reference to art history. The art historian named Cheryl…

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  • Buddhist Iconography

    Final Research Paper: Buddhist Iconography Throughout the years Buddhist iconography has been apparent in many cultures and societies. Over time it has changed and morphed in each location to conform their certain ideology. Each culture looks toward different bodhisattva and have various elements in their iconography that they believe, represent the Buddha his teachings. This essay will explore the beginning of Buddhist iconography, Buddhist symbols and their meanings, how the different…

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  • Augustus Iconography

    ‘Augustus’ extraordinary position…is defined in art’ and so his iconography programme should be taken at face value in order to identify key motifs and themes within it and how this supposedly reflected Augustus’ rule. However, nowadays scholars debate about the intricacies of said iconography and try to understand it textually rather than by sight. The importance of iconography was larger in Augustus’ time in comparison now, partly because it is estimated that only 10% of the population was…

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  • The Iconography Of Fortunae Book Review

    The medieval people often talked of Rota Fortunae, a vertical-standing wheel of fortune spun by a Lady Fortuna, or the female personification of fortune. As she spun the wheel, men are depicted sitting upon the edges. At the height of the wheel’s rotation, men are blessed by fortune. However, just as quickly as he reached the top, a man will no sooner fall to his gruesome death as the wheel continues to rotate around. This wheel of fortune was the people’s fate, an unknown force that could bring…

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  • The Iconography Of Durga And Prajnaparamita In Southeast Asian Art

    Discuss the iconography of female divinities in Southeast Asian art In this essay, I will be discussing the iconography of Durga and Prajnaparamita in Southeast Asia. Prajnaparamita, the Buddhist deity of transcendental wisdom, is known as the Goddess of ‘Perfection of Wisdom’ where as Durga, the great Goddess of Hindu Tradition , is known as Mahisasuramardini who embodies strong forces . Durga often displays in a more aggressive form, expressing warrior-like characteristic, however…

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  • Similarities Between Minoan And Mycenaean Civilizations

    Throughout the Bronze Age, the cultures of the Aegean civilizations showed influences in trade, religion and economic administration. The iconography of these civilizations not only revealed their culture but also how they functioned throughout Greece. Weapons and animal representations like bulls and griffins, are all characteristic of Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. But the settings in which they are presented offer deeper implications into their values and identity. Excavated frescos,…

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  • Horror And Gothic Elements In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

    As the Halloween season comes to a close, the amount of scary movies displayed on television sets across the country is at its highest. Many people find enjoyment with decorating their homes, creating scary costumes or even going to events which replicate horror scenes. Horror stories are just as popular as they were during the time Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. The three, most popular elements that are parallel to both Frankenstein and Gothic works are: fear, iconography, and mystery. Each…

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  • Giotto Similarities Between Florence And Jan Van Eyck

    on one of their popular works of art. First, Giotto di Bondone, Lamentation, Arena Chapel (Cappella Scorvegni), Padua, Italy, ca. 1305, Fresco and then Jan van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait, National Gallery, London, UK, ca. 1434, Oil and Wood. A full understanding of the iconography, patronage, personal/regional style, and medium of these works can almost give a complete understanding of their period. Florence, Italy in the 1300’s was a bustling self governed city state. They later became an…

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  • Andrei Rublev: The Holy Trinity

    the mysterious appearance of the Holy Trinity in the form of three travelers to Abraham and Sarah under the oak of Mamre. The Church has many different depictions of the Holy Trinity. But the icon which defines the very essence of Trinity Day is invariably the one which shows the Trinity in the form of three angels. Rather than depicting the classic Father, Son and Holy Spirit breakdown as old bearded man, Jesus and the dove, Besides this figurative personification there is a complex…

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