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  • The History Of Pop Art

    Pop Art was a movement that started out in Britain during the 1950’s and ended at the beginning of the 1970’s. It was a form of art that challenged the traditional views of fine art by placing a new modern spin on things. Pop Art placed modern things and people from that time period into pieces of art that were considered non-traditional. Many artists used household items and celebrities in an abstract way to draw attention to their work. Many believe that in doing so, Pop Art helped to introduce art back into everyday American life. There were several artists that became well known through their work as artists during that time. However, many usually do not think of Richard Hamilton. He is said to be the first…

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  • Graffiti Art History

    Art is something that has kept the city of Philadelphia such a huge tourist attraction. Besides the art museum steps that rocky runs up, and the fact that the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were signed in the city, art from Philadelphia has had a huge impact on the art world. Graffiti, any writing or drawing that has been scratched or painted onto a wall or surface, usually in a public place, has been a large and long part of the art culture part of the art world in…

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  • Art History Application Essay Sample

    It wasn’t until my second year of college that I was truly moved by a work of art: Gustav Klimt’s Medicine. I was moved to tears, just by looking at this piece of art—I felt my world change. Up until this point, I woefully pushed myself towards the world of science to appease my strict Indian family. In accordance with my parent’s wishes, I spent my first two years of college as a Biology major, galled by the many chemical equations. However, I strayed further away from my parents’ wishes with…

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  • Latin American Art History

    The history of Latin American art is far reaching from the period before colonization up to the present time. As there is only limited space at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, this exhibition will only cover a portion of Latin American art history in one gallery. The theme of this exhibition will focus on Academic History painting from the nineteenth century with the title "Contradicting Political Messages from the Academies." The exhibition will cover the countries of Mexico, Brazil, and…

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  • Egyptian Art History

    Art has always been an intricate aspect of the modern world we live in today. Art, according to Merriam-Webster is defined as "paintings, sculptures and drawings created to be beautiful or to represent expressed feelings or ideas". History is revealed everyday throughout the world of art and meanings behind them. Ancient Egyptian history has always been a fascination for many people. Egypt holds a great amount of importance within Art history. To most, when you hear of Ancient Egypt, you think…

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  • Essay On Art History

    Every time I performed a science experiment, I did it with the hands of Nikola Tesla. Now, the purpose of the class wasn 't to move on, it was to master the material in order to contribute to that field in the future. I preached this effective system at school so that others could benefit as well. In my art history class, I was able to inspire a fellow student who thought that the concept of art in general was a futile activity. I took what I knew about him and was able to reroute his thinking.…

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  • Renaissance Art History

    What led up to the Renaissance?  Fall of Rome & the regression back into Feudalism  The Crusades  The Bubonic Plague  Great geological/trade location  Establishing the city-states  New ideas were mostly inspired by the Romans and the Greeks, who were considered trailblazers Economic and Political Developments/Commercial Developments  Florence was the heart of the Art Renaissance  Northern city-states like Venice, Milan, and Genoa grew wealthy because they had access to the seas and…

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  • Gender Inequality In Art Analysis

    The question of whether gender is still an issue in contemporary arts is still a huge issue. Gender inequality and sexism is still a controversial issue in contemporary art. During the nineteenth century in relations to gender, there were very strong and persuasive perceptions of how men and women should conduct themselves. Men and women were expected to fill separate spheres of society. However, after enough women stood in protests, and attended political speeches, women began taking on…

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  • Art History Midterm Analysis

    What did you learn from the experience? How will you take what you have learned to impact the students with whom you will work at Student U this summer? I was halfway done with my first semester and midterms were coming up. I had five classes at the time and I wasn’t discouraged but I should have been. I was confident about all of my classes until I realized that I wasn’t prepared to study. I hadn’t set aside any time to review for my Art History Midterm Exam. The class was easy going with…

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  • The Influence Of Art And Architecture In American History

    Art and architecture are huge influences on culture. Furthering movements of all different sorts is the goal of many artists in American history. Artists react to events as they occur, voicing their opinion through visuals rather than words. Sometimes the opinions of the artists reflect the public opinion, and sometimes they reveal reality. Art and architecture are important to U.S and world history, not just for understanding the past, but interpreting the present. The Colonial period was a…

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