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  • Art In School

    I believe that art should be presented in school, because it is not something people think that it still exists, for example I believe that if I were to show the creations of art, music,dance, sporting actitivty, or even literature it is important because these topics are something people don’t really pay attention to. I feel like this is not as much demanding in schools as lt was before when I was in elementary school. I have a sister who is in elementary school now, and she has her assignments online for her classes, I feel like this is being taken away to do your homework on paper, and not on the computer. It is the same way about art, we don’t appreciate art as we should be appreciating. This is something I feel like in front of the board…

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  • Arts In Schools

    Music, Drama and Art in the Hallways (An Argument Concerning the Validity of arts in Schools) School is supposed to be a place of learning and enrichment, but it doesn’t take long for the students to become uninterested with the same old, boring lessons that are pulled out of dusty textbooks. From calculus quizzes to English exams, the material learned isn’t always the most fun and interesting, to say the least. There is a way to make learning a bit more bearable and school a pinch more…

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  • The Importance Of Art In Schools

    Art programs are constantly in danger of being cut from shrinking school budgets. Art is commonly viewed as a “filler” course that’s only purpose is to entertain children, almost as a second recess. That of course is not the case. Art has enough scientific evidence to demonstrate that it is a necessary part of every child 's life. In this paper, we will explore a few of the top benefits that art gives a child, including language, cultural awareness, inventiveness, work experience, motor skills,…

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  • The Importance Of Fine Arts In Schools

    problems before they can be considered a top student in any school across the nation. But can they become a better student by listening to music or painting a picture? There is a constant debate on whether schools should continue to support fine art classes. Some people think that dance, music, drama, and art classes are not a necessary component for students to participate in to graduate. These same people see fine art classes as a hobby to do on a student’s leisure time not an essential…

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  • Arts In High School

    Walking into high school as a freshman can be hard, but walking in without a passion for sports can be even harder. This was the situation I was in until I discovered the arts. As a freshman in high school, I was shy and timid; I didn’t talk to many people outside of my friend group. Until I got involved with speech and theatre, I wasn’t myself when I was around people I didn’t know. I was involved in all art programs offered at Okoboji High School over my four years, eventually becoming the…

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  • Fine Arts In Schools

    Imagine coming back to school after a long summer break excited for a new school year filled with school plays, art competitions, and several interesting fine arts classes, only to find that they have been cut. Could you imagine the idea of not being to express yourself throughout your school day? To take a break from your academically challenging classes to have fun with friends. This has become a tragic reality for countless schools…

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  • Visual Arts In Schools Essay

    activities or clubs. Everyone is different and should be allowed to express their ideas in any way they choose. By removing art classes such as visual art, dance, and drama, from elementary schools, we are taking away some of the very classes in which kids express their feelings and opinions. Although many people think that visual arts classes are not at all important, visual arts are actually extremely important because they help elementary students improve their education through expressing…

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  • Fine Arts In Schools Essay

    with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” (Steve Jobs, 2011). That was the late Steve Jobs giving his perspective about how the arts should be viewed in our society. Over the years the fine arts have been neglected in schools worldwide. There is not enough funding put aside in schools for the fine arts. Society does not believe it is needed in our children 's curriculum, but I beg to differ. There is not enough funding put aside in…

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  • The Importance Of Visual Arts In Elementary Schools

    JSA Awareness Project In elementary schools throughout the country, the only arts programs acknowledged are the visual arts and choral programs. These, however, are not the only forms of art that a child should learn, or are capable of learning. Arts that a child could learn include, at least, dance, acting, and band. All of these art forms can benefit people as they grow older. There are ways to integrate the arts into any age’s curriculum, and despite the common stereotype, it is not a gender…

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  • The Importance Of Art Programs In Public Schools

    cutting funding to art programs in public schools who are financially strained has sparked and interest in the impact of art programs on the wellbeing of students. This has led to a debate centered around whether or not fine arts education are beneficial enough to the students and staff to continue fighting for funding. Opposers argue that the money could be used in academics and that the arts provide no real life skills that are applicable after graduation. With more and more schools today…

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