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  • Karlie Kloss: The Most Influential Life

    Influential Time Over a million people in this world would say that they are influential in some way. One question that lingers the air is, how does Time Magazine choose 100 people that are the most influential in that year? A lot of people can be influential to many different people by starting a charity, giving back to the community, or how they promote themselves in public. In the past year, many people were left out in this category hence the name “Time 100 Most Influential People”. In my opinion, Karlie Kloss is very influential but not as influential as gymnast Simone Biles. Even though both are influential, only one can make the Time 100 list and I believe that Simone Biles should for various reasons. Simone Biles, a nineteen-year-old…

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  • What Is The Scene Of Tension In Philoldo's Night

    All they could do was work in the cane field, unless you were a kid. Kids went to school. Something I did find different about the two systems though, was that the compound system fought back more often. They did this through many different ways. They would lie, desert the plantation, fake sick, or just not work as hard. It seems like it was much easier for the workers to do this on the compound plantation. The plantation in the movie seems stricter. If you are caught “loafing” there are…

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  • Arts In Schools

    From calculus quizzes to English exams, the material learned isn’t always the most fun and interesting, to say the least. There is a way to make learning a bit more bearable and school a pinch more pleasant. For many students, the answer comes in the form of fine arts classes. Music, art, and drama all can be classes that students use to unwind and do something they really love. These classes are fun for the students taking them, but they act as a way for students to express themselves.…

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  • Influence Of R & B Music

    One of the most well-known vocalists, Whitney Houston, used R&B music to share her thoughts and ideas about love. Known mostly for her hits “I Will Always Love You,” and “I Have Nothing,” Whitney often wrote about the periods of heartbreak she went through. In her music, listeners left as though they could feel the same exact emotions as the music legend. Whenever a Whitney song is played, it can make even the strongest willed person think about someone who may or may not have hurt them. By…

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  • Advanced Public Speaking Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my knowledge of Advanced Public Speaking. For 11 years I’ve been the National Operations Manager for a global legal firm. Part of my job is to lead training sessions for groups that vary in number from 5 to 100, presenting awards in front of 300 people, and teaching public speaking classes to my staff and as a volunteer teaching public speaking to at risk high school students. From this experience, I have learned how to write a speech, the…

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  • Reflective Essay: CSULA And The Honors College

    “Tell me about yourself?” Every time I hear this whether it be in an interview for a scholarship or an award I immediately freeze. I don’t even know myself yet and you want me to tell you? I still haven’t figured out what a proper and an adequate response is, but this is what I’ve thought of. I’ve been interested in politics since a young age where I would wake up early in the morning to watch the news. I’ve since evolved from being an 11-year-old trying to figure out governmental processes to…

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  • Difference To Know Poor People

    I often tend to view people as two different types: one who will drop what they are doing and help someone, or the one to carrying on with life only to care about themselves. As I read through this article, “Does It Make a Difference to Know Poor People?” by Michael Jordan Laskey, I realized that more people should strive to interact with helplessness and those in need. The main character of the article, Mike, was in Lower Manhattan where he and a group of classmates were handing sandwiches…

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  • Effective Communication In America

    cruelty and inhumane acts. You must work to be nothing like them. Isabella forced Muslims and Jews out of Spain and Adolf Hitler sought to eliminate an entire race. These acts were both immoral and the fact that there is a commonality between these actions and your own are at the very least frightening. Instead of sacrificing human rights for the sake of security you must work on your relationships with these countries and develop effective strategies that will keep our country safe without…

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  • My Dad Influenced My Life Essay

    Back in the Summer of 2010 , my mom got laid off and could not find a job no matter where she applied. I remember seeing her sit on the couch all day just applying to places but no one was hiring at the time. But , that was no excuse for my dad he went out there and worked as much overtime as he could just to be able to support my family while my mom was unemployed. When it came to sports he was always viewing things in a positive way. I lost my first ever championship game when I was 15 in our…

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  • Gerard Harvard Biography

    beginning. He was born in the fifties. He was the eldest among his five siblings. Early in his life, he was shown to be adept at taking responsibility in helping managing family affairs especially in the area of finance which lead him to pursue an accounting degree and ultimately ended up working for the government. After a few years, he met his wife and they got married two years later and they had four children from that union. He was a hardworking person who loved his family, his work and…

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