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  • Country Songs

    July 4, 1776 marked a momentous occasion. On this day, a nation began that would eventually become the planet’s leading power. The United States braved the fires of the American Revolution and endured a bloody civil war, but Americans are far from cleared of civil issues. Specifically, In You’ve Got the Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism, writer Claire Miye Stanford delves into the modern issues of the feminist movement and its relationship with country music. Country music has historically been profoundly anti-feminist, and Stanford cites Tammy Wynette for advising women to, “Stand by your man” regardless of however abusive “the man” may be. Of course, this message is now almost universally seen as degrading and offensive, but…

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  • Basque Country

    Basque Country is region situated at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France and on the cost of the Bay of Biscay. The term Basque Country originated from the territories inhabited by the Basque people or Euskal Herria. The Basques are an ancient people who occupied the land of this region for thousands of years. Basque country is divided into two territories, north and south. The Northern territory is located in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Department of France, commonly…

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  • Analysis Of In Country By Bobbie Ann Mason

    In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason is about a girl name Sam who lives with her uncle who is a veteran from the Vietnam War. The story follows Sam’s journey as she tries to know more about the war in order to connect to her father, who died in the war. Mayson uses every day objects that allows characters in the book to connect to the war. In part one of the book Sam was driving past a family cemetery when she “shot up onto the exit ramp a little too fast, and the tires squeal” (3). An everyday…

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  • Essay On Country Music

    For over 90 of years’ country music has been an enjoyable source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. With the reputation of an upbeat and feel good vibe country songs have, it is no wonder country music has been around for so long. Country artists are specifically known for singing about the outdoors, relationships, and alcohol. They are able to provide a direct connection using these three topics, between themselves and their audiences. Country music usually consists of a…

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  • Living In A Developed Country

    Throughout this course, in my perspective, I have learned that young adults in the lower class are viewed differently depending on the country that they live in. Moreover, the way they spend their time in a developed country like Canada is differently than in a developing country such as Bangladesh. Secondly, while living in a developed country these individuals suffer a heavy workload for motivational reasons; whereas an individual in a developing country suffers for survival. Therefore, in my…

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  • Country Music Essay

    Every culture has its unique style of music. Since all people of the world, have a different form of music, and every form of music has its history. I will go over some of the types of music and its history. Country music originated in the Southern United States in the 1920s. It is a type of folk music, Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments. In the 1940s, country music was also referred to as…

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  • Developed Countries Education

    many years, countries have continuously been competing against one another to be greater and more powerful than the rest, whether it be in profits, aiding countries in need, and as of recently a growing significance in education and technology. The more the competition goes on, the larger the gap between developed and developing countries becomes, due to the humanesque survival of the fittest attitude. No matter how much countries claim that they help other countries and try to better everyone,…

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  • Sweatshops In Developing Countries

    Across the globe, the practice of implementing sweatshops in developing nations for companies from developed nations has been abundant. While not a new concept, many view this practice as immoral and unethical. However, that is the perspective of an individual in a modern, developed country. As well as, many do not understand that the alternatives to sweatshops are much more brutal and impoverished individuals gladly choose sweatshops over their other options such as sex work. That is the ugly…

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  • Third World Countries

    Citizen of a Third World Country In the world today, people living in developed countries will see commercials or hear ads about people in third world countries living in poverty. They begin to think about how sad it is, then within the next ten minutes they forget all about it. People only know a small portion of what it is like to live in a third world country. Unless one has traveled abroad, they do not know about any other way of living other than their daily routines. Those in third world…

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  • Country Music Analysis

    Take a step south of the Mason-Dixon Line and ask about music. You will find that, while all different genres of music from techno to jazz are enjoyed, the south is built on country music. Country is a genre of music that not only gives the listener something enjoyable to tap their foot to, but is often relatable. Country is a style of music that no matter what kind of day the listener is having or the mood they are in, the perfect song exists. Whatever a person is feeling, there is an artist…

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