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  • Basque Country

    Spanish Basque Country is divided into three provinces, Araba, Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa, with its own autonomous government. They have had a very active independence movement, which until recently was the only leading separatist movement in Europe. This movement was led by Euskadi Ta Askatasuna or Basque Separatist Organization, ETA (Basque Homeland and Liberty), which used guerilla tactics, among other things in their struggle to gain independence from Spain. ETA was founded in 1959 by younger members of the Basque Nationalist Party who favored armed struggle against the Francisco Franco regime. ETA members engaged in terrorist activities, sabotage, and assassination of high-ranking Spanish military Officers, government officials and judges. The Franco regime attempted to crush the group’s activities and subjected senior members to torture, beating and military trials. The group continued to engage in violent activities against the Spanish government until recently, when they announced a permanent cessation of its armed activities. The ETA pledged to seek more peaceful methods to gain statehood from Spain. The Basques are physically and culturally different than the other Indo-European people. They believed to be oldest people of the European continent and a direct descendant of Cro-Magnon hunter-gatherers that first…

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  • ETA 3.2 Assignment Analysis

    The assessment chosen to be analyze is the formal assessment 3.1 and 3.2. Assessment 3.1 given at the end of the learning segment. Assessment 3.1 consist of six matching items and four true and false questions. The matching is to assess the students’ comprehension of the difference between the text features and their purpose in the text. Assessment 3.2 consists of four written response questions the questions are to assesses the students ability to use the literacy strategy to effectively…

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  • Conditional Hypothesis

    everything else controlled, a one unit increase in proximity to presidential election is expected to lead to a decrease 1.62 in the effective number of electoral parties in advance democracies in 1990s. If the effective number of electoral parties equals to zero, we would expect the number of ethnic groups is equal to 3.6. The only statistical significant values are the number of presidential candidates at 99\% and proximity to presidential election at 95\%. Also, the y intercept is statistical…

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  • Short Term Memory Performance Evaluation

    To further test for homogeneity of variance by looking at Mauchly’s test of sphericity which showed a non sig results of .251, which allows us to assume homogeneity of variance. Time of day had a significant effect on memory call at the level P<.05 for the three conditions of F (2, 36) = 6.68, P= .003. This shows that time of day has a very significant effect on short term memory recall. Effect size was measured to test the strength of the relationship between the variables, Cohen’s D was…

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  • Electronic Travel Authorization In Canada

    Electronic Travel Authorization A new policy for traveling into Canada has changed the way that many foreign nationals travel. Previous countries that did not require a passport of visa to fly into Canadian soil are no longer permitted to do so according to a new policy, which now requires these countries (except the United States of America) to apply for an electronic travel authorization or eTA. The electronic travel authorization system, which Canada has adopted just like the United States,…

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  • Alpha Kappa Psi: Personal Statement Analysis

    To the members of the Gamma Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, The pledge process for Alpha Kappa Psi has been a rollercoaster of emotions from the stress of learning thirteen verbatim quizzes to the excitement of Big-Little Reveal. Still, despite the stress, frustration, and long nights, I would not have changed anything. While difficult to understand completely from the outside, the pledge process impacts each pledge’s life individually and positively. I see this clearly as I prepare to cross…

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  • Swiss Watch Industry Analysis

    small companies are getting a hard time to survive and usually such giant companies like Swatch group, LVMH, Richemont “swallow them up”. These giants are able to take control of little companies helping them to survive. (pic1) It is also important to have good suppliers when you are in a watch business. Swiss watch industry is supplying its wristlets from European countries (Italy, Germany and France) mainly and its cases from China and Hong Kong (Feubli, P., 2013). ETA SA produces watch…

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  • The Importance Of Risk Analysis In The Petrochemical Industry

    help of some effective risk assessment techniques like Event Tree Analysis(ETA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) & Bow-tie analysis and to understand the depth concept of these methods, focus can be made on some research done in the past about these research techniques. To start with, fault tree analysis (FTA) as an important and effective risk assessment tool used in a respective framework to find subsequent events that are responsible in a regular fashion to reach the ultimate top event (Vesely…

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  • Hedona Is The Goddess Of Time

    Long ago, there once lived a beautiful gold-haired goddess named Hedona. Hedona was the youngest daughter of Odeus, the God of Oppression and Ielia, the Goddess of Hope. She was sister to Dytos and Eta. Dytos was the God of Logic, while Eta was the Goddess of Secrecy. Hedona was the Goddess of Time and was able to control the past, present, and the future. She could freeze or fast-forward time if she wanted to, but she had to be aware of the consequences of her own actions, as well as the…

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  • Agero Insurance Company Case Study

    huge inflow in the company; but on the other hand telemathic is kind of money wasting thing and it doesn't perfectly fit in their business model • They good perform their operations more precisely and could save lot of cost. What performance measures are managers in this business held accountable for? Are these the correct measures? Why and why not? Managers were responsible for the effectiveness of service delivery in their geographical zones. Each performance manager was required to visit…

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