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  • William J. Brennan's Opinion On Acceptance

    We walk through the hallways at school and streets on the block everyday, constantly discriminating against the decisions of those around us. We view traits such as, what someone chose to wear today or how organized someone is and we hold them to it, without full understanding as to why a person may have done this. Within the excerpts: "What of This Goldfish Do You Wish" written by Etgar Keret (Page 3-8), "Texas v. Johnson Majority Opinion" written by William J. Brennan (Page 15-17), and "American Flag Stands for Tolerance" written by Ronald J. Allen (Page 18-20), all the authors project the same opinion on acceptance of those around us. Each author expresses that we must show acceptance to others because nobody sees the same side to every…

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  • What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Essay

    Based on “What of this Goldfish Would you Wish”, “The American Flag Stands for Tolerance”, and my own experience, our relationships with others define who we are by showing what we are passionate about. In “What of this Goldfish Would you Wish?” By. Etgar Keret Yoni, a young man is intrigued in making a documentary so he can knock on doors and ask people what they would wish for if they had three wishes from a magical goldfish. Yoni is interested to examine the different answers and to document…

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  • Exploring Positive Relationships

    to subject themselves to the consequences of voicing their opinions but either way they will always conform in one way or another. The story “The Lottery” written in 1948 by Shirley Jackson shows many examples of how Tessi decides to voice her opposition to the “Lottery” and not only do the complete strangers ignore her pleads but her family also quickly turns on her when they realize it is pointless to defend someone who will meet their end whether they want it to happen or not. In addition,…

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  • Borges And Hole In The Wall By Etgar Keret

    Both of the narratives “Borges and I” Jorge Luis Borges and “Hole in the Wall” by Etgar Keret employ the device of multiple worlds in their narrative. Borges introduces a multiple world in “Borges and I” through the use of an embedded narrative. According to Abbot, an embedded narrative allows for “another world to open up with its own story and central character” (Abbot 167). An embedded narrative typically unfolds organically from the thoughts of the main character or the voice of the…

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  • Gregory Jordan Beliefs

    We as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.” In this essay I will be explaining how this quote plays out in the texts that I have read. The quote, by Barbara Jordan, plays out in the texts “texas v. majority opinion” by William J. Brennan, and “What, of this goldfish, Would wish?” by Etgar Keret. This quote goes with the case “texas V. Majority Opinion” because Texas has to accept that Gregory Lee Johnson is different and has different beliefs than…

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  • Accepting People In Diane Glancy's 'Without Title'

    In the poem “Carry” by Linda Hogan, (short context). Body #3- Minimizing between others is another reason why we should accept people that are different from one another. In the short story “What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?” by Etgar Keret, (short context). Keret states, “Before the mind of Sergei Goralick really understands what it is his bod has done, he seems to have taken the burner off the stove and hit the boy in the head. The boy falls. The camera falls with him. The camera breaks…

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  • What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Analysis

    When faced with Yonatan at the door, Sergei made judgments about Yonatan “some kid with a ring in his ear . . . comes knocking. Hard like that—rapping at his door”(Keret 5). Sergei demonstrates his intolerance with these judgments, as he does not approve Yonatan’s way of dressing and his way of speaking. Yonatan’s “rapping” is difficult to understand because of Sergei’s inability to understand fluent Hebrew. His inability not only causes him to turn down Yonatan without understanding the…

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  • This Goldfish Would You Wish Summary

    During the unit Ourselves and Others the theme of acceptance was not present in the stories that we read. In the short story “What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?” By Etgar Keret. During the book Sergei must decide whether to accept someone or to not accept someone who he should not fear. First in the book the boy is interviewing Sergei. “Until one day some kid with a ring in his ear… comes knocking”(70) That section of the book you can tell Sergei does not like the fact this boy is at his…

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  • My So-Called Enemy Summary

    In today’s society, we live in a world of cultural differences. In the newspaper editorial “American Flag stands for Tolerance” by Ronald J. Allen, it talks about people from different backgrounds and whether they support the burning of the flag or are against it. In the story “What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?” by Etgar Keret, it talks about how one boy reacts around someone who comes from a different culture as he does. In the video My So-Called Enemy by Lisa Gossels, it shows how…

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  • Texas V. Johnson Majority Opinion Analysis

    Imagine a world that does not allow you to be who you are. Imagine not being able to do something you love because of the way you are, because of your sexual preference, cultural preference or ideas. What if acceptance never existed? People have a passion for being accepted in their lives. Without it, they feel like they are simply nothing. William J. Brennan, Bill Brummel, and Etgar Keret made short stories and/-or films to portray this kind of world. The idea of accepting people based upon…

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