What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish? Essay

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Based on “What of this Goldfish Would you Wish”, “The American Flag Stands for Tolerance”, and my own experience, our relationships with others define who we are by showing what we are passionate about. In “What of this Goldfish Would you Wish?” By. Etgar Keret Yoni, a young man is intrigued in making a documentary so he can knock on doors and ask people what they would wish for if they had three wishes from a magical goldfish. Yoni is interested to examine the different answers and to document all of it. Yoni is hoping the maybe even his documentary could be on the discovery channel. “Until one day some kid with a ring in his ear… comes knocking. Hard like that-rapping at his door. Just the way Sergei doesn’t like.”(70). In this scene, Yoni is knocking like crazy on Sergei’s door, who is a Russian-speaking man who does not like the sound of his knocking, but Yoni tries his hardest to get Sergei to open his door so he could film his documentary. In this part of the story there is a relationship between Yoni and Sergei. Yoni is outside of Sergei’s house while Sergei is inside his house not wanted to open his door to Yoni. Yoni is displaying his passion by knocking so hard on the door so Sergei cannot decline his offer. Yoni is so passionate about getting into Sergei’s house “Hard like that-rapping at his door” that he will do anything to get in. Sergei is confused “unable to think clearly; bewildered” why this boy Yoni is knocking so hard “with a great deal of effort” on…

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