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  • The Importance Of Biblical Views On Life

    Despite a quite universal acceptance of life as precious and worthy of preservation, the debate over human life has raged on for many years and in many situations. Specifically, biblical views on life and the preservation of this gift have brought tension and attacks on the holistic views of Christ followers. Many Christ followers would argue that life comes at conception and this disallows such actions as abortion or negative treatment of a woman 's body especially during the time of pregnancy. I would argue that the life of person does not come at conception ultimately even though it biologically begins but exists in eternity past abiding within God 's plan. John 1:3 states that, "All things were made through him, and without him was not…

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  • Qohelet's Argument

    word “everything” in 3:11 continues the thought of “everything” in 3:1. The point of 3:11 is that God makes everything, even events that occur through human activity, happen in its proper time. This is similar to Jeremiah’s prayer, “Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.” (Jeremiah 10:23) Yet the tension of this verse is that human don’t always understand God’s purposes. All morally perfect acts must by definition also be timely acts.…

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  • Future Selves In Daniel Gilbert's 'First Person Plural'

    The future is something many of us think about but never never exactly know if it will turn out the way we want it too. People dread on how they think their future selves will turn out, because they want to be a success in their future or to see themselves accomplish a goal. Most individuals do not know how they should look at their future selves. Paul Bloom, the author of “First Person Plural” suggests that people should treat their future selves as someone they do not know yet because they…

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  • Everyman Analysis

    Everyman finally acknowledges God and cries out to Him to have mercy upon him. Everyman finally realizes that he cannot escape Death and he is going to leave this world. Yet Death still provides Everyman with an escape. Death hints that Everyman can still be saved regardless of his obsession with earthly things. The author continues to imply that Death can occur anytime when you least expect it. Further implying that Everyman, i.e. everyone on Earth, should be prepared when that time…

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  • Analysis Of Death Swallowed Up In Victory

    No matter what you do, it remains inevitable. In appointment in Samarra, the servant eludes death and in doing so, he hurries directly to it. Likewise, the presumptuous Physician strives to avoid death by supposing that his “relative,” Godfather will not execute him and that Death has the power to light a second candle, giving him a second chance at life, but the results are false and the Physician ends up dead. At the end of the stories, the Physician and the servant were dead, implying that…

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  • Why Does Evil Exist

    aren’t necessary. “Hoping” to form new relationships is in itself evil because the only thing we should be hoping for is God’s forgiveness. Relationships tend to take up much of your time and energy. According to St. Augustine the only thing we should be focusing all our energy on is praying (Augustine, City of God). Hoping for anything that isn’t “God’s salvation” is evil. God is perfect, but humans are imperfect because we are not completely made from good. In other words, we are never…

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  • Futureville Analysis

    Cramer, we learned a lot about the view of the future. Our view of the future is important because what we think about the future determines the way we decide to live our lives in the present. One idea about the future that we learned through Dr. Cramer’s teachings and Skye Jethani’s book, “Futureville”, is the myth that is so often taught in Christian society today, that our futures are only important if they are used in ministry. In Futureville, Jethani says, “We have adopted a vision of…

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  • The Importance Of Listening To God

    We are continuously learning about the world around us, through school, and most importantly about ourselves. My mother always told me that you learning something new every day. I still use this saying to this day, and never can forget it since it is so true. The quote from Carham i think resonates with me really well with this fact. Although it is taking it in a different sense than we usually think about. Most people do not look through God’s work to try and find themselves. The quote to…

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  • Unscheduled Meeting Analysis

    The day was Monday, February 1, 2010. I left my house for work in the morning, and got on time as usual. The day seemed to progress as usual until I got a meeting request from my supervisor. I finished what I have started, and headed to the little conference room where the meeting was scheduled. I had never gotten such meeting requests from my boss. Our previous meetings have always been pre scheduled. So what is the agenda for this unscheduled meeting? My boss was already in the meeting room…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Edge Of Eternity

    The Edge of Eternity I slipped on my black dress, laced my black shoes, and stroked my eyelashes with a black mascara brush. I stared at myself in the mirror as my miserable, watery eyes blinked a couple times, pushing the tears down my face. I stretched my trembling hands to the highest shelf in the cupboard and fumbled for the box of tissues. I should not have put on that black mascara. I looked out the window as the trees and houses zoomed by me. The rain poured down against the car window.…

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