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  • The Role Of Afterlife In Literature

    Afterlife When contemplating the concept of an afterlife, Shakespeare refers to it as : “the undiscovered country from which no traveller returns”. He referred death as an “undiscovered country”, prompting the unknowability humans contend with when discussing the concept of an afterlife. In previous centuries, when Christianity flourished, and more people believed in God, they also believed in the existence of afterlife. As the technologies and sciences developed throughout the centuries, the idea of an afterlife has become an idea that only exists for the spiritually devout, as opposed to the once widespread belief that reigned in people’s hearts. Frequently, the afterlife and heaven are depicted in novels. In the book, The Lovely Bones,…

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  • The Afterlife In Homer's The Odyssey

    Homer’s The Odyssey: The Afterlife Reading Response Journal Entry #2 Part One: In middle school and the first part of high school, I went through what I can only characterize as a Christian phase. However, in recent year I have substantially outgrown Christianity and in my opinion, mainstream religion altogether. As I see it, now I subscribe to agnosticism. I accept the fact that I have no power to know what the afterlife holds, and I never will so long as I am living. Some people describe…

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  • Afterlife Beliefs And Beliefs Essay

    Where do we go after we die, up to heaven or just sleep till the end of eternity? There is so many theories and ideas of what goes on after life is done. Every culture in the world has a different belief in the afterlife. I am one of the few people that stand in the middle of this situation. I do believe in an afterlife because of being introduced to it as a kid through church. At the same time I think there is not one because there is no science proof behind this. I am open to all ideas and am…

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  • An Essay On Afterlife

    The Afterlife dreamt about is synonymous to the Christian belief of heaven for those who were good or hell for those who are bad. To pass onto the afterlife required weighing of the heart which symbolises moral righteousness. If the person lived a sin free life, his heart will weigh the same as the ma’at feather and he would be allowed to pass on to the afterlife but if he did not pass the test of righteousness, he was devoured by the demon Ammut into oblivion. However, Christian believe that…

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  • Afterlife In The Odyssey

    The Odyssey illustrates the journey of Odysseus on his homecoming after the Trojan War. Through Homer's Iliad and Odyssey has mentioned the possible existence and access of the Afterlife through rituals as expressed by Achilles in the Iliad after he received a premonition of his cousin Patroclus after he had not completed his funeral right and could not move forward to the realm of the dead. Homer’s Odyssey Book XI raises several important themes about the presentation of the Afterlife in Greek…

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  • Afterlife In Religion Essay

    My research topic is titled ‘The Afterlife: The Perspective from Different Religions’. What is the concept of the afterlife? What is the afterlife? These are the questions that may come up in one’s mind every now and then; however, this worry may not concern some people because they believe that there is no life after death. My culture and values believe in ‘the great beyond’ and also as Johnson points out in Walters (2005) interview "Heaven doesn't exist, hell doesn't exist. We weren't alive…

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  • Essay On Afterlife In Hamlet

    Afterlife in the eyes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet One of the most well know piece of work that Shakespeare’s has authored is his drama Hamlet, in this play we get a glimpse into the genius that is Shakespearian writing and how he is able to bring certain topics into discussion without really realizing it. One of these topics concerns the afterlife, specifically concerning the ghost of the late King Hamlet and whether or not he is in fact purgatory or some evil spirit come to mess with Hamlets mind.…

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  • The Argument Of Death And The Afterlife

    Death and the afterlife has long been a debate in history and philosophy. In his book “What does it all mean?”, Nagel focused a chapter on discussing whether the afterlife might or might not exist. Famous philosopher Socrates also explained his belief in the afterlife in Plato’s “Phaedo”. While sharing some of the ideas, the two thinkers have different arguments and stances on the issue. This paper aims to compare the two philosopher’s argument, and provide an argument towards the question of…

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  • Egyptian Afterlife Essay

    The belief in an afterlife was an important ritual for the Egyptian religion. The Egyptians believe that there is a transitional stage after one has passed. Their belief was stronger in the deceased rather than the living; the Egyptians established certain rituals that showed the progress to a better life into the next world, represented as the afterlife. Another lifelong journey continued as souls reached a better place after deceased. Egyptian culture is created on their strong role in worship…

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  • Egyptian Afterlife Beliefs

    This is a summary of the article “How the Ancient Religions Viewed the Afterlife” by Patrick J. Kiger. In this article, Kiger describes the beliefs of four ancient societies-the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. For many years, numerous individuals have trusted that presence doesn't end with physical passing, and that some kind of eternity exists. Many ancient civilizations, actually created expand dreams of what life past the grave may be like. Each exhibit a strikingly unique…

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