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  • Agamemnon Essay

    Bring Me My Battle Axsignment A Character Critique of Clytemnestra in “Agamemnon” by Aeschylus The Greek tragedy “Agamemnon” is the first play in Aeschylus’s trilogy “Oresteia”. It follows King Agamemnon’s return to Argos and his vengeful demise at the hands of his wife Clytemnestra (referred to as Cly). Cly is the Queen of Argos, daughter of KIng Tyndareus, wife of King Agamemnon (referred to as Aga) and sister of Helen. During the Trojan War, while Aga was gone, Cly played the role of a regent. Cly also acts as the antagonist; killing Agamemnon and Cassandra. Cly’s motivation to kill Mycenae’s king is rooted in Agamemnon’s sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia, her affair with Aegisthus, and the curse of the House of Atreus. Cly developed…

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  • Clytemnestra's Emasculation Of Agamemnon

    Agamemnon the first of three stories to one of the most brilliant Greek tragedies the story takes place right at the ending of the ten-year Trojan war and begins at the homecoming of the soldiers of Argos. Agamemnon is a war hero, he is a man who brought one thousand ships to Troy, the man who led the army to the defeat of the Trojans, and the King of Argos. But, throughout all that he took drastic measures to get his army to Troy this action was the sacrifice of his own daughter Iphigenia to…

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  • Oresteia The Agamemnon Analysis

    Employing an advanced technique, Aeschylus fills his tragedy, Oresteia: The Agamemnon, with layers of multiplicity. Essentially, multiplicity in this tragedy entails using dialogues containing several meanings to convey truths about Greek society and to shed light on situations outside the current action. Aeschylus’ use of this dramatic tool contributes to the success of the novel and adds depth to the meaning of the characters’ conversations. Furthermore, it affords the audience an opportunity…

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  • Clytemnestra's Revenge In Agamemnon

    Clytemnestra is the main focus of the first part of play titled “Agamemnon” as the story focuses on her plot to kill Agamemnon, her husband. Clytemnestra’s murder of Agamemnon is entirely unjustified. Holding a grudge for the past ten years of Agamemnon’s absence, Clytemnestra does whatever it takes to get revenge on her husband. Clytemnestra murder of Agamemnon isn’t vindicated because she holds a grudge against Agamemnon for having no choice but to kill their daughter, tricked Agamemnon into…

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  • Gender Equality In Aeschylus's Agamemnon

    Aeschylus’s Agamemnon is a very powerful piece of literature. It has several commanding themes, such as Justice and Judgment, Fate and Free Will, and several ties to gender equality. Gender equality is repeated brought into our eyes through the use of the character Clytemnestra. At many points in Agamemnon, we hear characters utter stereotyped and irrational views on women. The women in this story are known to be cheaters, murderers, and liars. We first learn about Clytemnestra when the Watchman…

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  • Analysis Of Achilles And Agamemnon In The Iliad

    In Book 1 of the Iliad, Achilles and Agamemnon appear to be fighting over who should surrender their war spoils for the good of the Achaean war effort. King Agamemnon is frustrated that he was told to give up his kidnapped woman rather than Achilles, the greater warrior. Homer casts Achilles in the light of the besieging hero and Agamemnon as the greedy king who cares more for wealth and honor than his men’s lives. As the book progresses and insults traded, Homer switches sides as Achilles…

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  • Agamemnon

    Book I establishes that Agamemnon is a lousy leader who has a tendency to make poor decisions and dishonor nearly everyone he interacts with. As we recall, Agamemnon chose his own desire to keep his prize after rudely turning down a reasonable request from Chryses, the father of Chryseis. This set off a chain reaction of drama starting with a plague. “The corpse fires burned everywhere and did not stop burning. (p76, line 52)” Through all of these horrors, the Archaian forces stood by Agamemnon.…

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  • Women In Agamemnon

    Jon Krakauer once said, "It's not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong" (Krakauer, Into the Wild). This statement fits perfectly with the female characters represented in the Agamemnon. It was not popular for women characters to have a strong lead in theater productions during this time period. However, in this particular piece, two women stole the spotlight. The characters Cassandra and Clytemnestra were used to portray Agamemnon’s character. Clytemnestra gave a very different view…

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  • Euripides Iphigenia At Aulis

    The story Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides starts with the main character Agamemnon having second thoughts about going through with the sacrifice of his daughter Iphigenia to get the winds to move to go to Troy. He decides to write a second letter to send to her telling her to go back home and that her supposed marriage to Achilles would be another time. Before the letter can get to Iphigenia, Agamemnon’s brother Menelaus intercepts the letter and is outraged that his brother would damage Greece…

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  • The Wisdom In Edith Hamilton's The House Of Atreus

    mere pigs and chickens for their hands and feet to Thyestes. When all was done invited he invited Thyestes back and fed him, this horrific stew. Thyestes kills Atreus later and his two sons Agamemnon and Menelaus flee to Sparta and get married Agamemnon to Clytemnestra and Helen to Menelaus. Many years later the Trojan War begins and Agamemnon is called to help. There is a trouble with all the preparations because all is ready save the wind for there were not wind to set sail on. Agamemnon…

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