Clytemnestra's Emasculation Of Agamemnon

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Agamemnon the first of three stories to one of the most brilliant Greek tragedies the story takes place right at the ending of the ten-year Trojan war and begins at the homecoming of the soldiers of Argos. Agamemnon is a war hero, he is a man who brought one thousand ships to Troy, the man who led the army to the defeat of the Trojans, and the King of Argos. But, throughout all that he took drastic measures to get his army to Troy this action was the sacrifice of his own daughter Iphigenia to please a God. Though, he may have pleased the god in that instance he knew it would lead to his demise little did he know the monster he had created was his own wife. Clytemnestra Agamemnon’s wife is very complex and while reading the story of Agamemnon a reader comes into the conflict of wondering is she justified in the way she acts or is she truly the root of all evil. This complexity of her character makes it very easy to see that she is the symbol and embodiment of power and strength. Through her diction in her speeches, what the …show more content…
She had done that purposefully to start to exert power over him and if the reader digs deeper she has laid out tapestries that only Gods shall walk upon him and if he does he will be sent to live with Hades. But, it does not stop there she then persuades him by appealing to his hubris she says “But Priam- can you see him if he had your success”(line 929) bringing up the King of Troy who he has defeated was enough to get him to walk across the forbidden tapestries. This all is Clytemnestra following the plan that she has prepared for ten long years and she is now making sure that everything plays out to a tee this all shows she has great mental power and strength. Unlike Agamemnon in this scene who quickly falls to a small insult on his

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