Trojan War

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  • The Trojan War: The Magic Of The Trojan War

    Samir Hamed Ms. Toney English I February 21, 2017 The Magic Of The Trojan War The Trojan War. The war lasted for 10 years and took place in Troy. Paris was the son of King Priam, the ruler of Troy. When Paris was a young boy there was a prophecy that he would cause the destruction of Try. He was sent to Mount Ida to be raised by a shepherd. Thetis was a beautiful water goddess. Zeus (Jupiter) fell in love with her. But it was prophesized that her son would be greater than his father. Zeus did not want to be the father of her son. He ordered her to marry a man form earth. (e.g., Virgil’s Aeneid) There was a grand wedding. All the gods and goddess were invited, except Eris (Discord). She loved to make trouble. Nobody wanted trouble. Everyone…

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  • The Trojan War

    The Korfmann dig using what we now know could have changed Finley’s view on the Trojan War dramatically with all of its discoveries. The dig helped show that Troy was real and it was in the location like it said in Homer’s books. Along with finding its locations they discovered that the area it was at the time was an important spot that many people would want to get their hands on, which would give reason to why there were battles. At first they believed that Homer was really off with describing…

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  • The Trojan War: The Fall Of The Trojan Horse

    How did the Trojan War start, and what was the Trojan Horse? There are several reasons that the war may have happened, including the lasting tension between the Mycenaean cities and Troy along with the abduction of Helen, the wife of Menalus. This war waged on, and the story of the Trojan horse occurs- which led to the fall of Troy itself. So how did these things happen to the ancient Greeks and Trojans? Before the Trojan War began, there were huge tensions between the Greeks and the Trojans…

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  • Helen In The Trojan War

    on the person that left you but the that took her. Well this is the situation Menelaus is in right now. There is a war going on between the Greeks and the Trojans. This is no peaceful war, lots of death. Now that you know what the war is about you will see why Helen should go back with the Greeks. The only reason Helen is even with Paris is because the goddess Aphrodite promises him a beautiful wife and can’t lie about her vow to him. Aphrodite puts a love spell on Helen to be attracted to…

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  • Trojan War In The Iliad

    Homer’s Iliad will show that at some time in the Late Bronze Age a war or series of wars took place between Achaean forces and Troy. It was called the Trojan War. This war has defined the way people view ancient Greece. This story of mythological gods and heroic warriors has provided insight into the attitudes, customs, religion, and warfare of the ancient Greeks. The story of Homer’s Iliad is the source for which people get most of their knowledge about the Trojan War. It is told that the…

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  • Cause Of The Trojan War

    BCE by Homer. The Trojan War happened during the late Bronze Age, approximately 750 B.C. The Trojan War happened thousand upon thousands of years ago. There were two kingdoms feuding; the town of Troy located in Anatolia and Mycenaean Greece. This conflict went on for about 10 years. What caused this war against the Spartans and the Trojans? According to Historylink101, “the cause of the Trojan war can be traced all the way back to the courtship of Helen”. (Bandinelli, Uffizi, Florence). Helen…

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  • Significance Of The Trojan War

    possible that the Trojan War occurred, given the extent of the evidence that exists to support it; however, due to the amount of time that has passed since its event, it is likely that some details have been changed. There are various written sources to support it, from Homer’s Iliad to Hittite cuneiform tablets. Equally, there is a large amount of archaeological evidence found both at Troy and other ancient sites, such as Mycenae. It seems unlikely that evidence of this quantity and scale…

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  • Greek Victorys In The Trojan War

    victories that led to winning the long 10 years Trojan War. In the Life of Themistocles, Plutarch describes how Themistocles also played a large role in the Greek victory in defeating the Persians. These two leaders, in comparison, were both men of intellect. They often used many strategies that consisted of persuasion and trickery. In contrast, they were different in terms of their motivation behind being leaders From the beginning of their early life, it is easily distinguishable how…

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  • Trojan War Research Paper

    The Trojan War was a war fought between Troy and ancient Greece. The started up after the queen of Sparta was kidnapped by the Trojan prince named Paris. The king of Sparta sent his brother named Agamemnon on a journey to get the queen back. On the way Agamemnon was joined and assisted by Achilles, Odysseus, Nestor, and Ajax, these were all Greek heros. A fleet of about 1,000 ships joined them too. They went across Aegean sea and landed in Asia Minor, to get back the queen from the Trojans. The…

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  • Causes Of The Trojan War Essay

    What started the Trojan War? About thirty centuries ago, on a land known as Troy, a war started between Grecians and Trojans on due to three discrete reasons (Trojan War, As a result of this war, many lives were lost but the Grecians eventually won after ten gruesome years of fighting (Cartwright, Mark. "Trojan War."). This war was fought because of the “capture” of Helen. It is said that the disappearance of Helen was a result of a curse on the House of Atreuis. However, others…

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