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  • The Iliad: Is Troy True?

    Is Troy true? There are many different theories about the history of Troy like; If the city of Troy ever existed, or did the Battle of Troy ever even happened. The story behind the Battle of Troy is that the prince of troy steals King Menelaus's wife, and it causes a war between the two kingdoms. But no one actually knows if this popular tale is true, or has any evidence to prove it is or isn’t. The Greek Poet Homer, author of the Iliad included in the epic, the battles of Troy and evidence about what the city was like. The Iliad is believed to have been written somewhere from the 8th century to the 9th century. Archeologist who have been studying homers Iliad and the stories, myths, and legends have come to believe that Troy was a real…

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  • The Real Troy Analysis

    In the article, "The Real Troy," the author, Josh Fischman, states that while not all Trojan myths maintain historical accuracy, most contain some elements of truth. The author cites instances in the Iliad and The Odyssey that archeologists are now finding might be historically relevant. In the article, Fischman quotes Manfred Korfmann saying, "The town makes Troy about 15 times larger than previously thought." (Fischman 56) In this statement, Korfmann is describing the discoveries that had…

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  • Troy Movie Analysis

    The movie Troy is based on a not so true story known as the Iliad by Homer, which scholars believe that he may not have written it himself. The Iliad is 99 percent fiction with very little actual history in it. The story was inspired by the past and the stories that were handed down for generations to generation and then recorded by Homer. Although it is believed that Homer was not the only writer. What the movie got right is that there was actually a city of Troy. The walls surrounding Troy…

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  • Troy Facts

    Troy The region of Troias reveals that it had been inhabited for 8,000 years, during which Troy acted as a “cultural bridge between the Troas region, the Balkans, Anatolia, the Aegean and Black Sea regions” through sea and land trade routes, various occupying and migrating forces and the exchange of knowledge and ideas (UNESCO). Over 140 years, 24 excavations have taken place revealing extensive details about the area during the time of the Trojan War as well as the people that settled…

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  • The Final Hours Of Troy Analysis

    “The Final Hours of Troy” Virgil is a first century B.C.E. Roman epic poem writer. Virgil wrote the greatest epic poem and the most influential work of all classical literature, The Aeneid. The Aeneid makes up twelve books in total and it incorporates various legends of Aeneas who later becomes the founder of the Roman Empire. The story of “The Final Hours of Troy” is Book II of The Aeneid and it’s told by the Trojan Prince, Aeneas, to a Queen named Didio and her court. This long and tragic…

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  • The Iliad In Descendants Of Troy

    The Iliad In the epic, The Iliad, in Descendants of Troy, by Sergio La Porta, Agamemnon, the King of the Greeks, and Priam, King of Troy, embark on an embassy with the intent to change Achilles’ mind, all while the Trojan War is taking place. Agamemnon’s goal was to convince the demi-god, Achilles, to continue fighting alongside the Greeks; Priam was only looking to recover the corpse of his son and Troy’s best warrior, Hector. Achilles, prideful as he is, had reasons to reject both kings, but…

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  • Achilles Tragic Hero In Troy's Troy

    In Troy, Achilles shows that he’s independant, skillful, and fearless. Achilles exemplifies his independence throughout the movie by doing what he feels right and his actions are of his own command. He’s technically on the side of the Greeks, but there are several times where he disagrees and disrespects their king, Agamemnon. Achilles even fires at him, “Imagine a king who fought his own battles! That would be a sight!” He shows no care towards Agamemnon, he just wants to defeat the Trojans.…

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  • The Characteristics Of Great Leadership In The Iliad

    inspire people allows leaders to turn the tide of battle, instill confidence in a losing situation and is a clear sign of a great leader. During many of the battles Hector has inspired his men to fight, win battles they normally would not and perform better than they ever would. When the Trojans manage to push the Greeks back to their makeshift fortress hector charges towards the trench “rallying cohorts” (XII. 58). He inspires the other solders to also cross the trench and push the Greeks back…

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  • The Myth Of The Iliad And The Odyssey

    information is because these epic poems were written a long time after the real Trojan War happened. Archaeologists know troy had nine layers of construction and the war happened on the seventh layer (Morkot). Archaeologists figured this out when they discovered the city of troy they were digging and realized that there where more than one layer and when they found the seventh layer they realized that the seventh layer was description to troy in the epic poems. After figuring this out they can…

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  • The Importance Of Pride In Homer's 'Iliad'

    something myself” in Book I line 140 – 147. Which means that Agamemnon was going to take Briseis from Achilles. Breseis was a given to Achilles as a war prize from an allied city of Troy. Agamemnon wanted to take Achilles prize as a replacement for the priest daughter Chrysies. Achilles pride was hurt by Agamemnon for him taking his prize so he said “You shameless, profiteering…

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