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  • Analyzing Donald Trump's Immigration Reform

    Donald Trump and Immigration Donald Trump is truly a household name. If you know who Donald Trump is, then you also know how strongly he feels about immigrants. In my opinion, people don’t feel neutral towards Trump. They either despise him, or love him. For my sources I chose a scholarly article related to Trump and immigration, a biography on Trump, and Trump’s immigration reform from his website. In this paper I will address some of Trump’s business success, talk about how he feels about immigration, and why I disagree with him. An online biography on states “Republican presidential nominee hopeful Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul and television personality.” Trump was born on June 14 in 1964 in Queens. New…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Donald Trump

    Abstract Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul grew up well off and followed his father’s career path into real estate and business partnerships. Donald Trump expanded his empire by developing condominiums and apartment buildings. Donald shared his ups and downs with investments in the real estate market. As a child Trump experienced events that seem to have impacted his behavior in adulthood. He has experienced divorce from two previous marriages. Also, Trump is known for being a…

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  • Donald Trump's Transformational Leadership

    Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing people in leadership today. He is either loved or hated almost everyone in the United States of America, they appears to be no middle ground with people feelings toward him. The unique thing about Trump is he never held any kind of political office before taking on the role of President. Donald Trump got his start in the family business after graduating from Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, Donald Trump was…

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  • Anti Trump Protest Research Paper

    With the results of the election being so controversial, anti trump protest have recently broken out all across the country. But what are these protest actually doing? It's important to accept that Trump is going to be our president and that is not going to change. But if we want to have effective social change then we don't need to protest against trump we need to come together as a nation protesting about his views on immigration, women's rights, education and racial equality. What can…

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  • Informative Speech: Donald Trump

    For our informative speech, we were assigned a Republican candidate. I received Donald Trump. We were to present the person in an unbiased manner that would be free from persuasion. When researching and presenting, I focused on more than just his political stance because Trump is a celebrity, rather than a politician, or businessperson like the other candidates (albeit him also being a businessperson). I discussed his early life, his personal life, his career as a businessman and writer, as well…

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  • Donald Trump Personality Traits

    Donald J. Trump Being the president of the United States is a very critical job. Even though any American citizen can run for presidency, the candidate has to win people’s votes with their traits. Important traits all great presidents need, include: a professional appearance, trustworthiness, and be goal and achievement oriented. Donald Trump proves to be a likeable candidate because he possesses two of these traits: a professional appearance and goal and achievement oriented. As a child,…

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  • People Who Make An Effective President

    He is known to be a successful businessman. Trump is chairman and president of The Trump Organization and has many towers, hotels and golf courses named after him. Although he is a successful businessman, he is not the best candidate for our next president simply because he is only good for business and favors white supremacists. “I like him because he 's an outsider. I like the idea that he’s an entrepreneur. He’s done very well in business. He 's made some mistakes, but anybody in business…

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  • Man Of Wealth Analysis

    great, sorry to say.” In Donald’s world, most of your great musicians, artists, philosophers, and the such would not be great because they were not financially rich. So much for Christ who didn’t have a place to lay His head. Psalm 27:4 says, “behold the beauty of the Lord”. Trump says, “Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich.” (Good Morning America). What is lesser known is that Donald cannot stand to be lesser than. It was after his loss to Ted Cruz in the Iowa Caucus that he started…

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  • Freedom Of The Press In The United States

    thus the right to publish newspapers, magazines and other printed matter without governmental restriction and subject only to the laws of libel, obscenity, sedition et al. Freedom of the press is fundamental to individual rights, without free media, a free society would not exist. By recognizing the right of expression and dissent, democratic government protect the right of people to express their opinion and encourage peaceful social and political change. Like most democratic nations in the…

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  • Trump's Foreign Policy Proposal

    President-elect Trump has created a fair amount of controversy regarding his foreign policy proposals (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask). Some people have argued that Trump does not have any specific stance, and some people have argued that Trump would start a chain of events leading to the demise of humanity. However, many of his foreign policy statements might contain some merit, or some of the statements may at least contain connections to some theories and hypotheses. This paper…

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