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  • Personal Narrative: Forrest City High School Cheerleading

    it was not enough. At first I did not see what I did wrong. I kept asking myself what did I do that was wrong? What did I do that caused me not to make the team? During that time of tryouts, not only was I dealing with tryouts, I was preparing for a conference track meet that same week. Now I 'm not one to make excuses, but I will admit it was a tad big challenging dealing with tryouts, track, and school during that week. At first I wasn 't going to tryout, I figured that I might as well wait until I get more comfortable with the school. After undergoing much consideration and thought, with the help of my fellow classmates, I decided that, as my mother…

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  • Tryout Essay

    We worked on ball handling, layups, free throws, shooting, defense, and conditioning. I was showing a great effort. I was a lot more confident than I was last time. The coach was using me to help show the rest of the player 's the drills. When was doing suicides I was really tired, but I knew that I had to show the coach that I did not get tired quickly. Tryouts ended. The coach called a bunch of the boys that tried out. I was kind of nervous because I was thinking that maybe the boys he called…

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  • Virtual Tryout Disadvantages

    Katherine Hall-Blair Keiser University, Lakeland, FL Question 1 A virtual tryout creates a simulated environment of the workplace; it is an online assessment tool that many employers are using (Veritude; 2007). While this assessment system is becoming more popular among businesses, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a virtual tryout might include a lower turnover rate because prospective employees can engage in what will be their actual work requirement. A…

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  • Tryout Basketball Dramatic Monologue

    tryout basketball A Play by Obieda Alananzeh obida alananzeh Mrs. Love Hilliard Creative Writing 29 January 2016 Characters OB MAX COACH Setting Place. Time. Lights up to reveal...describe the scene on the stage. CHARACTER 1 Dialogue. (Stage directions. These should be rare. Use them for necessary action, not to describe how someone speaks--write better dialogue for that.) CHARACTER 2 Dialgoue. MAX Approaches OB and says” hey man are you ready for the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Tryout Day

    Tryout Day was very emotional. The whole day was bittersweet. I woke up that morning and immediately cried when I thought about leaving my girls. I got emotional again when I wore my hat for the last time. By the time the day ended, I felt better and promised myself that I wouldn’t cry again. I got into serious head majorette mode and began making sure all the seniors were in position and that the tryouts ran smoothly. Everything was going perfectly until the girls wanted to pray, and Sarah…

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  • 8th Grade Tryouts Narrative

    I never realized that it meant so much to me. I never realized that all of the blood, sweat, and tears would actually pay off. Until 8th grade tryouts, I didn’t even know why I played basketball. On this day, I had to compete for a spot on the basketball team against 30 to 40 other players. Just let me tell you, hardwork and dedication does pay off. On the first day of 8th grade basketball tryouts, I thought that I looked like an idiot. I could not make a shot and I turned the ball over too many…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cheerleading Tryouts

    Cheerleading Tryouts “Come on Lauren you’ve been doing this way too long, you’ve been on the team every year since you were 14.” I said to myself as I walk through the halls of my High School. Today is May 24, the first day of the annual cheerleading try outs and for some reason I’m extremely nervous even though I’m a three year veteran. I go through my classes talking to all my other cheer friends saying how this is going to be a breeze and how we can’t wait to start the season even…

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  • Personal Narrative-Three Long Days Of Tryout

    After Coach Johnson’s long talk and three hard days of tryouts, all fifty-six freshman athletes sprinted to `locker room. If I made the team, my tryout number would be on the door. I scanned the paper that had been hung on the door and didn’t see it. I had tried so hard in tryouts, how my number could not be on there was a mystery. Looking over the list one last time, I had spotted it, twenty-two. Right there in black ink was my number! I had entered the weight room to meet my new teammates.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Tryout At School

    Tryouts “Ryan try your best out there in tryouts and if you don't make it at least you tried.”Ryan's mom said in a cheerful way “I just hope that all the hard work pays off,”Ryan said nervously, “all I want to do is play basketball this year.” “You'll do fine Ryan Good luck,I love you” “Love you too mom” Ryan hopped out of the car and wandered over to school.The school day dragged on Ryan felt like he was leaving nonsense like the scientific method “so interesting” ,parts of speech “I'm…

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  • Youth Baseball Essay

    Youth baseball is declining. Once the backbone of youth sports, baseball is losing kids each and every year to other sports like lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Tryout numbers for club baseball teams and leagues are shrinking across the country. If you find yourself running a baseball organization in this very predicament, we 've got four tips that can help you get more sign-ups for tryouts. Market Your Program Properly Are you marketing your program properly to expand? We’ve seen that most…

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