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  • Fiduciary Responsibilities Case Study

    The board is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and developing the President; annually appraise the President in a constructive way, and hold the President accountable (Fiduciary Behavior: What's the Responsible Trustee to…, n.d.). Accountability of the President includes responsibility for maintaining a healthy institutional culture, such as with shared governance. It is the board’s role to find a new President. “The board chair represents the board and has the most crucial relationship with the president. The board chair should be in regular, informal contact with the president. The more contact among members of the council and faculty, the more information, will be generated for the board, and in particular, for board members to convey to the president” (Fiduciary Behavior: What's the Responsible Trustee to…,…

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  • Martin Luther King Mic Case Study

    mic success. The major sections on the agenda included: the meditation and pledge of allegiance, recognitions, consideration and approval of minutes from previous meetings, trustee B-1 comments, and the business agenda respectively. The meeting went according to the outline. It reconvened for the open session and began with all reciting the pledge of allegiances and standing for a minute of silence. Immediately following this were recognitions including: employee of the month, Martin Luther King…

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  • Whose Hospital Case Study

    Case Q: Whose Hospital? Background of the situation: In June of 1979, the medical staff at Brendan Hospital held a mass meeting at the hospital to discuss various allegations against CEO, Don Wherry. A petition was signed by half the medical staff and by half the employees of the hospital at the mass meeting. The petition demanded Don Wherry’s resignation and even included threats of forgoing patient care if he did not step down. Four doctors and nurse representatives met with the board of…

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  • Evaluate The Positive Effects Of Multicultural Education

    Like with most things, the business, education, and other professionals who are part of the board of trustees for a university appreciate facts and statistical proof supporting the initiatives that are being proposed to them. Therefore, the implementation of multicultural education into universities across the nation relies on the research conducted about the courses. The findings of these projects will show university boards and officials that these courses are effective and support diversity.…

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  • Analysis: A Year From Hell

    Other stresses would combine to make the first year of the new millennium, “A year from hell,” according to Pease. Early in 2000, Joel Pease, Janine’s youngest brother lost his battle with cancer and added grief and stress to what would become the hardest year of Pease’s life. During the summer, as the battle for control of the tribal government raged between the Nomee and Bird in Ground factions, attention began to focus on the college. Only eight students had graduated that summer and the…

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  • American Red Cross Case Study

    The American Red Cross is in existence to aid those throughout the country by providing blood or services to those in need. Primarily, the organization operates through donations of both, time and money, which provides aide in five main areas: People affected by a disaster; Support for the military and their families; Collection, processing, and distribution of blood; Health and safety education; and International relief in time of crisis (American, 2015). The American Red Cross’s mission…

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  • Kilgore College Board Meeting Essay

    Kilgore College Board Meeting On March 14th 2016, I attended a Kilgore College Board of Trustees Meeting. The meeting of the evening started at six-thirty pm in the McLaurin Admiration Building. The board meeting’s goa was to discuss all the important items that concerned the status of Kilgore College and the financially problems. The agenda of the board meeting was followed in a specified order. The first item of every meeting is saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to show respect to the…

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  • Student Trustee Essay

    APPLICATION QUESTIONS 1. It is the role of the Student Trustee to portray the "diverse and dynamic voice" of the student population regarding board-wide matters. How would you work with staff and the Board of Trustees to ensure that the voices of all students are heard around the Board table? I feel that communication is a vital part of being a student trustee, but it's not just a matter of communication with students, it's also important to ensure that information gets the attention it…

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  • Case Study Of Roxbury

    would also be able to see what worked and what did not work based on the received collected data. Another evaluation strategy would be to measure performance. This could be done by seeing if the created tasks were completed, how they were completed, and how long it took to complete them. This is beneficial in evaluation because if the created tasks were completed then the objective they were created for was also completed. This will allow me to see what was successful and could be used again…

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  • Neese Trustee Case Study

    Neese Trustee in the bankruptcy for the First Trust Company brings suit against the directors for failure to use due diligence and to recover losses as a result of these actions or failures to act. The Neese Trustee for the First Trust Company cite in their suit that the directors were negligent in their actions and that they did not discharge their duties as required as directors, they further state that they did not give the required time and attention required of them, this is a crucial…

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