Kilgore College Board Meeting Essay

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Kilgore College Board Meeting On March 14th 2016, I attended a Kilgore College Board of Trustees Meeting. The meeting of the evening started at six-thirty pm in the McLaurin Admiration Building. The board meeting’s goa was to discuss all the important items that concerned the status of Kilgore College and the financially problems. The agenda of the board meeting was followed in a specified order. The first item of every meeting is saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to show respect to the country second item of the meeting was the college spotlights of the month. The Student Spotlight of the month was Ashley Finley, who will be graduating in the month of May. The Employee Spotlight was Kenya Ray who teaches Corrosion Technology. Since 2011, …show more content…
Every student should be in a club or organizations, so they would have a place on campus. There are forty different types of clubs and organizations at Kilgore College. Some of the organizations are as followed: Honor Society, Drama Club, International Club, and many more organizations. The Program Spotlight Survey was presented by Brenda Kays and the programs was put in place, so the students are able to voice their opinions on certain topics. The students are able help make the college more presentable to the community of Kilgore. The third item on the agenda is when everything got so serious because the board of trustees had to approval all the minutes from the previous meeting that was on February 8th 2016. One of the items was thrown out, so the trustees could discuss it behind closed doors and the item was the legal fees of the school after the lawsuit. The balanced scoreboard was presented by Stacy Martin. The balanced scoreboard measures the amount of students that reach their goals without dropping out. The rate of returning students was below eighty percent and the dropout rate was eighty percent, which the dropout rate met the target number set by the school. The graduation rate increased by three and half points, but the fall of 2015

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