Unit 205 Teaching Essay example

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unit 205Outcome 1
Know the different types of schools in the education system

1.1 There are two types of schools:

Independent schools which rely on fees, have their own entrance exams and follow their own curriculum.
Types of Independent Schools:
Preparatory School
All-Through School
Public School
Independent Grammar School

State schools are run by the government, receive funding and have a set curriculum:
Types of State Schools:

1.2 Independent schools rely on fees and money from investments they don’t receive government funding. They will have an entrance exam and they also devise their own curriculum framework. Independent schools have
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Schools can demonstrate how they are upholding their aims by evaluating their practice and achievements of pupils this can be done through examinations, inspections and feedback by governing bodies.

Schools can demonstrate they are upholding their values by adhering policies ensuring that all staff, service uses and their families are aware of the schools progress and the achievement of pupils. Involving communities is a good way to enable people of the community to see how school run in relation to aim and values.

Outcome 4
Know about the laws and codes of practice that affect work in schools

Code of Practice/conduct
Safeguarding laws such as:
Children’s Act 2004
Education Act 2002
Sexual Offenders Act 2003
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Data Protection Act 1998
United Nations Convention as the Right of the Child 1989
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2008

5.1 The laws and codes of practice stated in 4.1 are there to promote pupil wellbeing and achievements; they do this by enabling positive and safe environments and positive relationships and behaviours. By proving a safe environment for pupils this will encourage learning and achievements thus helping them further develop in all aspects of developments.

Outcome 5
Know about the range and purpose of school policies and procedures

a) Staff policies – Whistleblowing procedure is for you to raise any concerns regarding another member of staff. Grievance

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