Case Study: Why Did Piaget Call Cognition In Middle Childhood

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1. Why did Piaget call cognition in middle childhood concrete operational thought?
Piaget called cognition in middle childhood concrete operational thought, for the ability children have to perform logical operations regarding their life experiences and perceptions. They aren’t limited by egocentrism anymore, but apply critical thinking. (pg.351)
3. How is transitive inference the result of logic, not experience?
Transitive inference is the ability to figure out implications, the unspoken link between two facts. It has connection with the maturation of the hippocampus, making inferences and mental logic possible. (pg.352)
4. How do Vygotsky and Piaget differ in their explanation of cognitive advances in middle childhood?
Piaget believed that
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Their classes are smaller than other public schools, and teachers and children are easily to leave if they don’t like the school. They control admissions so children with special needs may not be welcomed. Private schools are funded by tuition charges, donation from church or by public subsidy, voucher, but they are restricted to who gets them and which school accept them. Home schooling happens at home, a parent teaches own children. There is no curriculum to follow, it is illegal in some nations, not in United States. The major issue of this way of education is that children miss out on social interaction, so parents are willing to cooperate with other home schooling families and meet to organize activities …show more content…
Instead advantages for the private schools is that most of the time are religious school and focus on religion and the classes are also small. The advantages for the home schooling is that children are safe, no bullied, parent knows what goes in those little minds, and parent can choose the curriculum to teach.
The disadvantages of charter schools are that they may have racial preferences to be in, they decide whether the child can be accepted or not, and also because low population in the school, the child may have a rough effect in case changes for public schools growing up. For private school is almost the same of the charter school, but the pay, that can be really expensive. For the home schooling is the children will not know the real world, and may have problem interacting with other children.
Parents chose sometimes because of the small sizes of the class or because there is homework every day, that may be advantage for some children, but not for all. Children get more attention from teachers, and parents know that their child is learning because is doing homework. But that may not be the case, from study it shows that children from a big class size have better tests score than those in small class size. Also, children with no homework have higher achievement scores than those with homework.

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