Persuasive Speech On Homeschooling

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Lory Bedirian
Persuasive Speech Outline
Second Draft

Topic: Homeschooling is bad for children.
General Purpose: To persuade.
Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that homeschooling is bad for children for several reasons.
Central Idea: Homeschooling for children is not as efficient as school because it isolates the child from other children, it will not provide the child with the same level of knowledge in education and it increases cost.
Main Ideas:
I. It isolates the child from other children.
II. It will not provide the child with the same level of knowledge in education.
III. It increases the cost

I. Introduction:
Homeschooling can be a great experience for a child to learn but if it is not done the right way, it can have
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A. It isolates the child from other children.
1. Argument:
a. (The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2014) mentions that homeschooling can help a child learn better in their comfort zone, which means that sometimes children in school tend to have trouble with following the teacher’s explanation in terms of speed or other factors. Some children have trouble with the speed of the explanation so homeschooling can help a slow-learner child understand better.
2. Counter Argument:
a. However, children who are homeschooled are isolated from other children of same age (Arguments Against Homeschooling, n.d.). It is true that they get to see other children during sports practices, neighborhood gatherings, sleepovers, music classes, family gatherings or any other activities but that is once or twice a week. Instead, if children go to regular schools, they will be able to interact with other children at least five times a week. According to (Importance of Social Interaction, n.d.), children who interact with others develop their social skills and increase their self-esteem.

B. It does not provide the child with the same level of knowledge in
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However, what families do not know is that homeschooling requires them to cover everything that school has like equipment, tools and learning materials. Contrasting to public schools that are paid by the government, homeschooling is actually more expensive. Nevertheless, (Cost of Homeschooling Compared to Public Schools, n.d.) states that it costs $15,139 for each child to attend public school in Vermont where homeschooling cost much less than that. However, homeschooling requires the parents to purchase books, technology, software, stationary and many more. Also, parents who homeschool their children are obliged to pay for school taxes even though their children do not go to school (The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2014).
III. Conclusion:
Homeschooling can be beneficial but yet it can be harmful. Offering education is the prime responsibility for the parents where they need to think carefully before deciding their children’s future education. Parents should take careful measurements before deciding whether to homeschool their child or not because at the end, homeschooling is a full time job for the parents. They also need to be committed towards the amount of research, questions and stress that will be created when they decided to homeschool their

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