Public Schools Vs Homeschool Research Paper

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Education: Which method is better?
One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make for their child is what method of education will benefit their child the most. Some parents think that their child will learn the most if they teach them themselves, but other parents are either working, or know that they do not have the ability to teach their child. Because students spend a good amount of time in school, it is extremely important for parents to choose a method of education that fits their child best. Some people believe that homeschooling is better because they are in control of what their child learns, and others believe that public schooling is better because it allows their child to expand as a person and be in the world without their parents.
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They can learn by going on vacation with their families, or leaving their house in general. They also may move from place to place because of a parent’s job, which is the main reason those parents decide to homeschool. “[Speaking on behalf of her children] Life is a learning experience, so there’s always something to discover” (Mom Prepares). Public school students very rarely have this opportunity. Being that homeschooled students are more than likely the only students, they have a wide range of possibilities for different ways to learn, one of them being leaving their usual classroom. Because of the number of students in a public school classroom, it is highly impossible for public schooled students to travel to historical places like homeschoolers can. Another advantage that homeschoolers have over public schoolers is the fact that they can graduate by the time they are sixteen, where in most cases, public schooled students must be eighteen. It is said that homeschooled students can graduate two years earlier than public schooled students. This accusation goes to show how much wasted time there is in public school. Things such as time in between classes, fire drills, or even having to wait for other students to finish their work when one student is already finished are all examples of why people who are educated from home get things done more productively. …show more content…
Although there still are some homeschoolers that do not go to college, a majority of them go rather than public schooled students. It has also been proven that homeschoolers do better than public schoolers on standardized tests (Romanowski). This could be a reason as to why colleges are accepting more homeschooled students. It is also possible that homeschoolers have a better or quieter environment for test taking, or they are more focused than public school students. “The homeschool average for the ACT was 22.5 in 2003, compared with the national average of 20.8. The SAT was no different, with a homeschool average of 1092 in 2002, and a national average of 1020”

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