Alternative education

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  • Benefits Of Alternative Education

    The Belton School District would benefit greatly from an alternative education program. Currently the Belton High School offers a credit recovery class, where students who are struggling can take or retake courses online. While the credit recovery program has shown to benefit some, its impact is not adequate. An alternative education program would be necessary for all K-12 students in the Belton School District. Alternative education is more than just sitting a student behind a computer. Alternative education gives students the opportunity to learn the skills that they so desperately need. Students who attend alternative education are given a safe and healthy learning environment. Alternative education has a low student to teacher ratio, which…

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  • Alternative Education In The 1960's: An Analysis

    Earlier education enthusiasts of alternative education, John Dewey, and Francis Parker promoted the progressive educational movement, a movement that emphasized on the needs of the individual child. In addition, theorist like, Jean-Jacques, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Jerome Bruner, believed education should support a child’s natural growth although society influences the child’s development. The progressive movement of the 1940’s was replaced with significant historical events that…

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  • Is Homeschooling: Inevitable Alternative To Public Or Private School Education?

    Over the last few decades, homeschooling has become a feasible alternative to public and private school education. The homeschool movement began in the early 1970’s and has shown to be effective for many students and parents. At the time, homeschooling was not embraced or accepted by society and public school systems, so homeschooling families were given strict requirements in order to be given academic credit. Fortunately, since homeschooling has gained acceptance, the requirements for…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling As A Good Alternative To Public Schooling

    Intro Does homeschooling work as a good alternative to public schooling? In my and many other American 's opinion the answer is yes. Homeschooling has been around for a long time, but it has seen a major increase in participants in recent decades. According to the Home Education Research Institute “About 1.5 million students in the United States are home schooled.” and “There were about 300,000 students in 1990.” Homeschooling has been starting to become more mainstream than it was just a decade…

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  • Analysis Of Homeschooling: A Personal Decision By Karen White

    In “Homeschooling: A Personal Decision,” Karen White, journalist, presents an article in favor of home-schooling when students need for time for extra-curricular activities. Home-schooled children can be instructed by parents or other educators. Extra-curricular activities such as ballet require large amounts of practice time and home-schooling can provide a way to spend more time on these activities. While she persuasively argued that homeschooling allows ballet students to devote more time to…

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  • Homeschooling Vs Regular Public School

    reproduce these texts in any way they please. For instance, these books can be printed out and used in a small new homeschool that is low on cash but high in creativity. A solution presents itself. Homeschooling, also known as home education, is “ the education of children inside the home, as opposed to in the formal settings of a public or private school. Parents cite two main motivations for homeschooling their children” which is dissatisfaction with the local schools and the interest in…

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  • Mentoring In Youth Development

    Literature Review 1. Mentoring is becoming one of the most popular social interactions in the United States today, with an estimated 3 million youth in formal one on one relationship (Rhodes & DuBois 2006, pg 254). Youth mentoring is shown to help youth, especially those at risk in terms of education, problem behavior job readiness, reduction in substance abuse or other anti -social behavior. Most mentoring is community based, in contrast to school based, and most target at risk populations…

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  • Benefits Of Home Schooling

    The Benefits to Home-schooling According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2013 approximately 1,770,000 children were being home-schooled in the United States or about 3.4 percent (“U.S. Department of Education: Homeschooling Continues to Grow!,” n.d.). Home-schooling in America has become very popular among parents concerned for the welfare of their children. Today it is not just evangelical Christians that choose to home school, but people from all religions and walks of life. There are…

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  • Leadership Development: Student Citizenship Analysis

    (Fry, Johnstone and Fry, 2002). I lack self-confidence in sharing my knowledge and experience due to inexperience or worrying my opinion maybe involves culture conflict. For example, at times I feel hard to balance education with respecting patients choice as it is not clear whether patients’ self-esteem need dominants their psychological learning need or not. The study by Coleman, Deutsch and Marcus (2014) finds that open discussion plays positive role in mentoring relationship. It is common…

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  • Homeschooling Ethical Issues

    When considering whether or not to homeschool, there are several ethical considerations that should be made in order to ensure the child acquires the best education he or she can have. There have been several arguments made about the strengths and limitations of homeschooling. For instance, homeschooled children often aren’t privy to the same social experiences as children enrolled in private or public schools. With homeschooling being so unevenly regulated from state to state, it is harder to…

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