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  • Alumni Engagement Essay

    lack of engagement of Black alumni at Cornell University in university-sponsored alumni association events may be caused by the campus environment that Black alumni experienced while attending as students. These university sponsored alumni events are meant to engage all alumni, however several Black alumni have stated that as students, they did not feel part of the campus culture and therefore have had no interest in participating in events that do not represent their particular interests. Typically, these Black alumni choose to only be engaged with their affinity organizations or not at all. The purpose of this phenomenological study is to investigate how Black alumni from Cornell University make sense of and explain their undergraduate…

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  • Wisdom By Henry Thurman Analysis

    To live in a static state of mind is to restrict the joy one may find in life. Oliver Sacks, Maggie Nelson, and Robert Thurman all suggest that one’s perception of the world, as well as the flexibility of their state of mind, directly correlates with how they exist within it. Specifically, Thurman’s work “Wisdom” claims that it is necessary for one to abandon the idea of having a fixed and strict self but rather open up one’s mind to become a flexible thinker, allowing one to create human…

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  • Summary Of Boortin's From Hero To Celebrity By Daniel Boorstin

    Forget everything you thought you believed about your hero. Written in 1962, Daniel Boorstin’s, From Hero to Celebrity: The Human Pseudo- Event, a classic piece of cultural criticism, comments on the rise of celebrity and the unfailing decline of the hero. Traditional heroes are believed to have reached their status because they achieved greatness or great accomplishments in their own life times. Boorstin argues that unlike the celebrity, famous people were heroic, “admire for his courage,…

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  • Analysis Of Acceleration By Graham Mcnamee

    This book is named “Acceleration” and is written by Graham McNamee. In this book a young teen named Duncan is required to do his community hours because he was charged for stealing a toilet and instead of going to jail, his father bailed him out. During his boring adventures for the TTC lost and found, he finds a mysterious leather book that was written by an anonymous person. The lesson that Duncan learns is that he forgets his fear of saving a little girl named Maya. The ways he tries to…

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  • In The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing Analysis

    In the Unlikely Event of a Water landing Tragedies such as murder and rape are thought to be horrendous crimes; acts so violent and malicious that the perpetrators must spend their lives in prison to pay their dues, but these crimes occur so often they rarely make headlines anymore. Every once in a while a big “story” will hit the news and the masses will cry out in outrage but even then the outrage dies down and the victims are forgotten. Many times there are witnesses to these crimes that do…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Rape Culture

    Fraternities and similar Micro-level Environments in Universities Universities and Colleges are breeding grounds for Rape culture: this is the basis of Simone Chiang’s essay. The author explains that the universities become spectators instead of action takers when it comes to cases of rape reported by students. While the act itself is not encouraged, the culture is promoted as a form of bonding for the students. This is an argumentative essay written by Simone Chiang in the Active Reader…

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  • Breaking News About School Shootings

    Breaking News: There are reports of a school shooting, this simple phrase sends a chill down any parent’s spine. In recent years, as there have been lots of school shooting from an elementary school in Connecticut to a college in Arizona. Parents will always say that the safest place for any child is the home, but when they are away from the home they feel that the school grounds are the second best place for their child to be. If they would talk to those parents that sent their children to…

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  • Anti-Bias In Education

    The article which I have had the opportunity to read referred to an incident of racial discrimination experienced by a group of approximately 60 students on a recent recruiting visit to the Texas A&M University insinuated by a selected few student from TAMU. A small group of approximately twelve white college students approached two African American students from Uplift Hampton Preparatory; a charter public school mainly of students of lower socioeconomic status, and minorities. The article…

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  • Campus Sexual Assault

    One and five college students experience sexual assault during their college career. Today, one of the most dangerous realities that young adults face is the risk of sexual assault (Colleges, 2016). Sexual assault on college campuses has always been a major issue. In the past, more often than not, sexual assault on college campuses were pushed under the rug, making it seem as if they did not occur. In today 's society the topic of sexual assault on college campuses is no longer being…

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  • Living Off Campus

    Living on campus is normal for most students in college, then again, so is living off campus. The choice to live on campus or to not can be very tough. An indecisive person could have a very hard time deciding which way to live out their years in college. It may appear to most that living on campus is a no brainer, but in actuality sixty percent of students at public colleges live off campus, according to U.S. News and World Report. On the other hand the same newspaper stated that sixty-four…

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