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  • Amalgam Filling Case Study

    concerns about replacing their silver fillings with white fillings, it is important to educate the patient on the difference between the two. Amalgam fillings contain a mixture of metals such as silver, copper and tin, in addition to mercury, which binds these components into a hard, stable and safe substance. You can also inform the patient that amalgam fillings are strong enough to be used in back teeth, where high-pressure grinding and chewing require a product that is more durable and lasts longer. As for composite fillings or white fillings, they are composed of ceramic and plastic compounds. Composites imitate the appearance of natural teeth and patients may be interested in using them for their anterior teeth. Both types of restoration materials require effective care of…

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  • Dental Hygienist Research Papers

    caries or fillings. It is estimated that caries affect 60 to 90% of school children, the majority of adults, and their repair occupies most of a dentist’s time.1, 2 The management of caries is relatively standardized across dental offices. It involves making an accurate diagnosis, cleaning the cavity and filling it with restorative material. 1 A dental hygienist is essential in assisting the dentist in identifying potential caries and informing the patient about treatment including filling…

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  • Dental Assistant Essay

    Dental assistants place an important role in the delivery of dental care. This quarter I learned about basic dental procedures such as composite and amalgam restorations, as well as how to fabricate and cement a temporary crown. I applied this information during our lab class and made a temporary for my typodont. I was good at making a triple tray so we don’t need to make all those three opposing arch impression, bite registration and final impression which made the procedure done efficiently .…

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  • Pros Of Silver Fillings

    If you’re concerned that the mercury in your silver fillings could damage your health, you’re not alone. Scary news stories about the dangers of fillings have needlessly worried many people. But, as the dentist Eric J Hartzell DMD explains, metal fillings are safe and don’t need to be removed. Dr. Hartzell has offered quality dental care, including teeth cleaning, dental repair, and cosmetic dentistry services, to the residents of High Point, NC, and the surrounding areas since 1994. Eric J…

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  • Arsenic Trioxide Problem

    Part one Make a 3 list of chemical safety hazards? The three chemical safety hazards are: Poison Toxic Corrosive Reactive Environmental hazards 2. What is Amalgam? Amalgam is mixture of metals of mercury with another metal and other metal. Almost all metal can be an amalgam with a form of mercury. 3. If you had to train someone on how to separate the mercury from the amalgam, what training would they need? WHY? If I had to train someone on how to separate the mercury…

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  • Australian Poem In Tim Winton's Cloudstreet By Tim Winton

    language. It is Winton’s use of classically Australian characters and rich Australian colloquialisms that shape the “big ideas” in the Cloudstreet saga. Cloudstreet is set over a twenty year period from 1943-1963, it looks into the lives of two working class families, the Lambs and the Pickles. The challenges and ordeals faced by the two families place the reader in a position to observe varying values and attitudes which are connected with many aspects of Australian life. Winton’s unique…

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  • Why Is It Important To Receive Dental Treatment?

    teeth I will carry out clinical tests which will further confirm the diagnosis. I will perform percussion test, palpation, cold test and mobility test to locate where the pain originates from. I will also ask him a number of question regarding the pain. This is to rule out the possibility of irreversible pulpitis. Upon confirmed diagnosis of reversible pulpitis, I will restore the teeth using indirect pulp therapy. I will remove all peripheral soft dentine, leaving behind a small amount…

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  • Knowledge Of Neuroscience

    We learned how to do class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 5 preps. In addition, we also learned how to do amalgam and composite fillings, even though amalgam is being phased out and the filling of choice is composite. Composite tends to be used in a person's mouth in places where a person needs to look good asthetically. For instance, composite might be better to use on a person's anterior teeth, while amalgam can be better on a person's posterior teeth. This class taught us how to hold a drill…

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  • Health Care Data Analysis Essay

    Managing such an amalgam o of data and turning it into usable information requires more advanced set of tools. [4] II. V’S OF BIG DATA • Volume: Big data implies enormous volumes of data. It used to be employees created data. Now that data is generated by machines, networks and human interaction on systems like social media the volume of data to be analyzed is massive. Yet, the volume of data is not as much the problem as other V’s like veracity. • Variety: Variety refers to the many sources and…

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  • Orthodontics Advantages

    The bond must hold in spite of strong chewing forces that constantly pass through the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings require less tooth reduction than silver amalgam, preserving the existing structure. The material also bonds with the tooth to provide extra support. Other advantages of tooth-colored fillings: The shade of composite fillings can be closely matched to your natural teeth. Composite materials are great for the front teeth and teeth that are visible when you smile. Tooth-colored…

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