Critical Analysis Of Rape Culture

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A critical analysis of Rape culture: its Manifestation in Fraternities and similar Micro-level Environments in Universities

Universities and Colleges are breeding grounds for Rape culture: this is the basis of Simone Chiang’s essay. The author explains that the universities become spectators instead of action takers when it comes to cases of rape reported by students. While the act itself is not encouraged, the culture is promoted as a form of bonding for the students. This is an argumentative essay written by Simone Chiang in the Active Reader book. Its main point is to show that rape culture exists in universities and colleges and is not “frowned” upon as it should be. Chiang uses real life examples in her essay to support her claim: incidents that occurred in post secondary institutions. Throughout the essay, the author uses various rhetorical patterns to support her argument, these main points include definition of contrasting terms and example of relevant occurrences; despite having a strongly supported essay the author fails to provide a strong solution to the situation.
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Despite rape being a real and serious issue, the perpetuation of rape culture is a much easier crime to commit. She then goes on to say that Rape Culture is much harder to define as it is determined by a set of values in society. Chiang very effectively describes the attitude which this expression describes. As well, Sian Ferguson in her essay (8 Appalling Examples of How Rape Culture Shows Up On College Campuses) defines very effectively the term using feminist

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