Rape Culture : The Epidemic Essay

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Rape Culture: The Epidemic
She was Twenty-four, the world around her seemed grand and full of potential. She had a boyfriend she believed she could trust. She would soon discover that trusting him was going to be her biggest mistake. On an early afternoon at her home they were in the bed they shared. She rose from the left side of the bed and she felt his right hand grab her right arm. A minor argument ensued because he was upset at her answer telling him she did not want to have sex. He let go of her arm turning over mumbling and she wondered out of the room. Upon returning she noticed that her boyfriend was no longer on the bed. She felt his hands forcefully grab her upper arms and throw her on to the bed. She cried out that he hurt her when he tossed her but he didn’t speak. She looked at him with a sense of confusion, fear, and dread coursing through her veins. He climbed on top of her and no matter how much she screamed, cried, or fought against him, she couldn’t stop him from violating her body, or how unimaginably he would change the very essence of her life. The story above may have some people in a state of shock but the ugly side of this story isn’t that she was raped, the ugliest part of this story is when she told her story she was blamed, shamed, and forced into silence. Her rapist doesn’t know that he is a rapist because society has taught him that women are objects. He justified his actions as it was perfectly fine for him to do because they had had sex…

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