Sexual assault

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  • The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses

    Sexual assault is continuing to be a problem on college campuses across the United States. One in five women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus each year, however only 5% of the instances will be reported (The Realities of Sexual Abuse 2009). Many students who commit a sexual assault crime are allowed to stay on campuses, in the same general area as their victim with very minimal punishments placed upon them (Kingkade 2014). Sexual assault causes extreme physical and mental harm to the victims, and colleges are doing less and less to help them. Because of colleges allowing students found guilty of sexual assault to stay on campus, victims of rape often feel unsafe going to authorities. They also feel as though reporting it will…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sexual Assault Cases

    Police can and should be involved in sexual assault cases, but only with the victim’s consent. Even if the victim did choose to get the police involved in his or her case, would the police be able to solve it? Would the attacker be convicted? Research shows that less than three percent of rapists are actually convicted. Attorney Brandt-Young says “the accused student deserves a timely resolution, and these police investigations can literally go on for months or even years.” A study shows that…

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  • Sexual Assault Definition

    sexually assaulted, but it is pretty common to hear about male victims of sexual assault, but not as common as hearing about ladies getting sexually assaulted. If a person ever heard about a men getting sexually assaulted you probably think about prison or if the male is homosexual; that can be the case, but actually most male victims get sexually assaulted by ladies. The actual definition of sexual assault is” the sexual exploitation, forcible penetration, or an act of sexual contact on the…

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  • Sexual Assault Essay

    The term “Sexual Assault” can be interpreted in many different ways. No two cases of sexual assault are identical, which makes defining and classifying sexual assaults difficult. Victims of sexual assault report the crime to the authorities, but the range of severity and variety of cases make it tough to prove that the perpetrator is guilty. Sexual assault is defined as a “sexual act against a person’s will or in a circumstance where the person is either unable to give consent due to age,…

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  • Pornography And Sexual Assault

    One in five college students experiences sexual assault – defined as any forced or unwanted sexual activity, including but not limited to kissing, groping, and rape – during their college career. Around 38% rape incidents are committed by a friend or acquaintance. Furthermore, college men in fraternities are three times more likely to commit sexual assault than other college men (Foubert, Brosi, & Bannon 2011: 217). While there are many factors that could explain a college fraternity member 's…

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  • Sexual Assault In The Military

    Sexual assault is “defined as unwanted physical sexual contact and includes behaviors ranging from unwanted touching of a sexual nature to coercive or nonconsensual vaginal, anal, or oral penetration (rape)” (Bell, Turchik, & Karpenko, 2014, p. 25). The health implications of sexual assault have been found to be significant in civilian populations. A history of sexual assault has been associated with poorer physical health outcomes, including chronic pain, gynecological symptoms, and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Sexual Assault

    Sexual assault is motivated by hostility, power, and control (“Rape Culture, Victim Blaming, and the Facts”). A man is not an animal; he can control what he does about his sexual urges. Even if a girl does choose to sexually arouse a man, and then she decides against it, it is his responsibility to respect that choice. When a man takes advantage of a girl, he uses his power and control to force himself on her. There are many reasons why a girl might not fight back. It does not mean that she is…

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  • Sexual Assault Definition

    Sexual assault, according to the United States Department of Justice, is any form of sexual behavior that occurs without the clear consent of the recipient. Sexual assault can include, sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest fondling, and attempted rape (Sexual Assault, n.d.). Consent is defined as permission for something to happen, or an agreement to do something (“Consent,” n.d.). Consent plays a huge role in determining if a sexual behavior should be considered a…

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  • Sexual Assault In The Military Essay

    The Issue of Sexual Assault in the Military In 2013 there were 28,700 military members that were sexually assaulted (Cernak). It is one of the largest issues in the United States military and it is being handled very poorly. All of the militaries time and money being out towards sexual assault are being used on repetitive training that is obviously not working because the numbers of sexual assaults going the wrong direction every year. Because of this training, victims know the options…

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  • The Rape And Sexual Assault Case Against Women

    Historically rape is one of the oldest crimes in society, but it still has today’s society stumped on what kind of action to take when such a heinous crime is committed. Rape and sexual assault cases against women typically go unreported and can be difficult to prove in court of law. Because so little cases end in a conviction of the offender, women feel as if they aren’t taken seriously or that they are the ones to blame for the offense against them. Many factors come into play when a woman…

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