Sexual assault

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  • The Benefits Of Alienated Survivors Of Sexual Assault

    Scrutinizing how alienated survivors can feel by their communities after living through a sexual assault, one can see how education is not only necessary for potential victims to become aware of the risks of sexual assault, but also proves imperative for community members so that a more understanding and accepting climate for victims of attacks can be created. Justice systems are put in place so that criminals can fairly be punished. However, when there is mistrust in penal systems, survivors may feel discouraged from reporting sexual assault. Ergo, the offenders of sexual assaults will not be punished for the crimes they committed. Evan Zeldin served on a completely student-run honor court as an undergraduate student at the University of North…

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  • The Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses

    Sexual assault is continuing to be a problem on college campuses across the United States. One in five women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus each year, however only 5% of the instances will be reported (The Realities of Sexual Abuse 2009). Many students who commit a sexual assault crime are allowed to stay on campuses, in the same general area as their victim with very minimal punishments placed upon them (Kingkade 2014). Sexual assault causes extreme physical and mental harm to…

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  • Sexual Assault

    Furthermore, alcohol use can increase the risk for sexual assault and is sometimes used to justify the assault. Alcohol has been commonly used in date rapes, however, there have been reports of other drugs used and they can be used simultaneously with the alcohol. This is defined as drug-facilitated sexual assault (Crawford, Wright, & Birchmeier, 2008). Moreover, it is important to aid individuals who are victims of sexual assault, but it is also essential to understand the perpetrators and…

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  • Campus Sexual Assault Research Paper

    Police can and should be involved in sexual assault cases, but only with the victim’s consent. Even if the victim did choose to get the police involved in his or her case, would the police be able to solve it? Would the attacker be convicted? Research shows that less than three percent of rapists are actually convicted. Attorney Brandt-Young says “the accused student deserves a timely resolution, and these police investigations can literally go on for months or even years.” A study shows that…

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  • On Campus Sexual Assault

    On campus sexual assault is a growing epidemic in today's society. It often gets swept under the rug by universities, students have to deal with the trauma following their assault on their own, and causing their grades to suffer. 19% of college students are sexually assaulted and 80% of on-campus sexual assaults go unreported. When the issue is brought to the school board it is often swept under the rug. They are told that what happened to them wasn’t a big deal, to get over it, or that it was…

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  • Sexual Assault Prevention

    Oversight of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the Military On February 5, 2004, a memorandum was issued by the United States Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld addressing his concerns about several allegations of sexual assault reported by military service members deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. The memorandum ordered a review to be conducted within 90 days to determine how the Department of Defense (DoD) had been handling the treatment and care of individuals who had reported being…

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  • Indiana Sexual Assault

    Sexual Assault at Indiana State University One in four college women and one in six males are sexually assaulted. It is important as students at universities to take control in preventing sexual assaults at Indiana State University. It is important to acknowledge that sexual assault is an issue within universities, and action needs to be taken in order to provide a safe environment for everyone at Indiana State University. It is the job of students to raise awareness about sexual assault at…

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  • Sexual Assault Definition

    The term “Sexual Assault” can be interpreted in many different ways. No two cases of sexual assault are identical, which makes defining and classifying sexual assaults difficult. Victims of sexual assault report the crime to the authorities, but the range of severity and variety of cases make it tough to prove that the perpetrator is guilty. Sexual assault is defined as a “sexual act against a person’s will or in a circumstance where the person is either unable to give consent due to age,…

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  • Campus Sexual Assault

    experience sexual assault during their college career. Today, one of the most dangerous realities that young adults face is the risk of sexual assault (Colleges, 2016). Sexual assault on college campuses has always been a major issue. In the past, more often than not, sexual assault on college campuses were pushed under the rug, making it seem as if they did not occur. In today 's society the topic of sexual assault on college campuses is no longer being overlooked. Sexual assault on…

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  • The Military Sexual Assault

    Sexual assault is a violent crime that is rarely reported by the victim for varies reasons, one being the stigmatization that comes with it. Many victims of sexual assault in our society are seen as asking for it, or as being the one to blame for it occurring. In recent years there has been more talk about military rape, and sexual harassment toward female military personnel. Do to the underreporting of sexual assault, and harassment the exact number of victim is unknown. As Bostock et al.…

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