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  • Military Role In The Military

    The most important lesson I have drawn from the reading is it is not only important but necessary to understand the history of an organization to better be able to understand the events and issues that are current problems, inspire solutions to those problems, and prevent the repetition of wars, disputes, and tragedies. A major portion of the United States of America’s history is the military, who they are, how they came to be, what they have done, and what they are currently doing. Without the military, it is rather likely that America would not be America and would still be a colony of Great Britain instead. It is due to this that it is important to note how the military has affected American citizens in all aspects of life, and not just military relations. To begin, the Navy plays a major role in the development and continued commerce with overseas partners. Historically, during the early 1800’s the Mediterranean Sea and the East Indies were regions with weak and unstable governments. Thus, American commerce often fell prey to raiders at sea. To counteract this problem, squadrons were dispatched to all trouble spots “to deal with corsairs,” pirates, and any threat to American property (Bradford 212). Thus, less American commerce and property did and continues to fall victim to pirates. This, in turn, has enabled…

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  • Importance Of Military Careers In The Military

    {{An Insight Into|A Look At|An Analysis Of} The {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life} In The {Military|Services|Forces}|{Join|Enlist In|Enroll In|Join Up} The {Military|Services|Forces} And {Get|Obtain|Enjoy} A {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life}|{Creating|Making|Searching Out|Seeking} {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life} {With The Help Of|Through|By…

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  • My Enthusiasm For The Military As A Military Science

    I am here! As a Military Science Instructor, I am here to motivate, to engage, to teach, and help the cadets along the way. I will introduce the cadets to leadership skills, drill and ceremonies, inspections, customs and courtesies, and Army traditions. These helps the cadet succeed in the future. I train, coach, and mentor my cadets in what we call the 21st Century Soldiers Competencies. I bring my enthusiasm for the military into the classroom environment, while showing them how it is relevant…

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  • Challenges Of Asimilation Into Military Culture In The Military

    overview of research significant to challenges experienced by military veterans will serve as the foundation for a successive presentation of previous findings. Culture of the Army Reserve Although the military is made up of individuals from varied cultural backgrounds, they all share the experience of assimilation into military culture. During military initial entry training (IET), trainees are removed from their civilian culture and introduced to military culture. This process occurs in…

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  • Hr Role In The Military

    behavioral health as the HR functions effect Soldiers mental well-being (Schrader, 2008). Soldiers with personal unresolved issues will be ineffective to the military. “HR support includes all activities and functions executed within the Army Personnel Life Cycle Model (Acquire, Develop, Distribute, Structure, Deploy, Compensate, Transition, and Sustain) to man the force and provide personnel support and services to Soldiers, their Families, DoD civilians, and contractors” (Headquarters…

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  • The Importance Of A Hero In The Military

    Sohan Pramanik Language Arts 1 Honors Mrs. Pandolpho 29 October, 2015 Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way Soldiers are people who stand up for their country with no recognition. They risk their lives for fighting and saving so many lives. If it were not for them, then there would not be an America. People in the military should gain proper recognition for what they serve for their country. Soldiers are willing to step up, not because of fame and money, they know it is the right thing to do. It is…

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  • The Benefits Of Military Engineering

    The government does not realize that they already have the tools to demine Colombia. Those tools are the military engineers. Military Engineer School (2015) indicated that. “Colombia military engineers perform several tasks in various areas of military and civil engineering, working for community benefits, supporting humanitarian emergencies, enforcing environmental protection, the most important neutralizing explosives and demining”. Through military engineer’s career, every engineer…

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  • The Importance Of Military Communication

    With the addition of this tool the military has become even more effective. With this tool leaders are able to send the same message to a large group of people without having to take the time out to have a formation or a gathering of the soldiers in order to do so. This method has become the primary source of communcation within the military because of its ease and almost everyone has access to a computer and the web at some point during their duty day. It reduces time in which it takes to get…

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  • Military Robotic History

    The history of military robotics dates back to World War II and the Cold War. During those times of spying, weaponry and strategic attacks, these robots were in the form of Germany’s type of robotics and Russian weaponry called “teletanks”. It originated combined with a radio controlled boat intended to use by the military from Nicola Tesla. As the Soviets had created the teletanks, they were modified to be controlled by the radio signals. Weather conditions made it pretty tough to use, but…

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  • The Importance Of Order In The Military

    Why are orders important to the military lifestyle? Let me start answering this question by giving the definition of an order from the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Military Order: A command proceeding from a military superior. After hearing this definition many people immediately jump to the complaining and judging stage of following instruction. Comments such as, “Why would I follow one man’s opinion,” or “only certain orders apply to me,” are common place among lower ranks in the military.…

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