Military logistics

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  • How Did The Railway Affect The Western World's Conduct Of War?

    Unbeknownst to Jervis, the railway had a massive impact on not only the social and commercial spheres, but also precipitated a radical transformation of military transportation. A train could move travellers and parcels equally as well as soldiers and artillery shells. Thus, how did the development of the railroad affect the Western World’s conduct of war? This paper will argue that the advent of the railroad was imperative in revolutionizing military logistics, consequently forcing a shift in the conduct of war and driving the…

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  • What Is Anticipatory Logistics

    The Wonderful World of Logistics, do you have the Inspiration to be One of the Elite? An individual is driving a car down a multi-lane highway, when suddenly a tractor trailer truck swerves over to the left lane and cuts the car off. Needless to say the driver of the car is infuriated and wondering why tractor trailers are even allowed in the left lane to begin with. Additionally, How about the logistical issues concerning the military, how do soldiers acquire all their equipment that they need…

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  • Combat Support Function

    The company was formed and running like a Swiss watch. Incoming Soldiers began to dwindle with the military table of organization and equipment (MTOE) authorizing 213 and the company resting at just under 190. Our company was three times larger than the Armor Company and double of an average Infantry Company. It provided the Battalion (BN) a great deal of flexibility and a remarkable logistical capability. If only the BN leadership were informed of this newly implemented concept. June came…

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  • Logistics: The Pain-Points, And Practices In The Logistics Industry

    The logistics was at one moment alone used in military. It said that term logistics was first used in military need, just to supply itself as soldiers and material moved from their base to a leading position. Logistics involved the migration of, equipment, troops, food, and machinery to and from a combat zone to maintain the necessary supplies to battle efficiently in wars. Even present-day, army’s rely on getting the appropriate and sufficient supplies - logistics plays a life-and-death role in…

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  • Logistics Information In The Army: The Global Combat Support System-Army

    Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) was introduced to the Army in 2001 from the Communications Electronic Command (CECOM) and Software Engineering Center (SEC-LEE) based at Ft. Lee, Virginia to upgrade the Army’s property accounting system Unit Level Logistics Supply System (ULLSS). PBUSE platform is based on Oracle platform that could improve performance, scalability, and flexibility. This system would improve the echelons from property book level, staff level, and unit levels. Vital logistics…

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  • Logistician Occupation: A Case Study

    of logistics. There are several different ideas on where it will stand, a few are stated below. From the years of 2014 to 2024, it is projected that employment of Logisticians will grow around two percent. This is slower than the average of all occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). According to University Alliance (2016), “The number of jobs for logisticians nationwide is expected to grown 26 percent from 2010 to 2020, almost double the average rate…

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  • My Duties And Responsibilities In Deployment

    mentoring a Headquarters Service Company commander responsible for the support of a 700 man Iraqi motorized infantry battalion. I supervised all organic and nonorganic logistical elements supporting the Iraqi Battalion, provides guidance and directives to HSC Commander and other logistic personnel. I worked with the Iraqi Brigade personnel and advisors to account for/maintain equipment, respond to all logistic suspense 's, conduct internal and external inspections, and ensure the unit had the…

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  • Walmart Supply Chain Innovations

    supply chain model. In doing so they became one of the largest private sector and retail employers in the world. There supply chain management system was so well designed and implemented that the United States Military caught sight of it and connected with them creating the “Training With Industry program”. This when active duty military personnel are able to go and spend a year working with Wal-Mart as part of their military training. The intent of it is that when they complete the year of…

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  • Fredrick Taylor's The Principles Of Scientific Management

    Fredrick Taylor, who composed The Principles of Scientific Management in 1911 and is viewed as the father of mechanical building, centered his initial exploration on the best way to enhance manual stacking forms. Operations Research started when researchers exhibited the estimation of investigation in the investigation of military logistics issues in the 1940s as an aftereffect of the mind boggling necessities of World War II. While Industrial Engineering and Operations Research have each…

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  • International Supply Chain Management Case Study

    Here, the company is to focus on strategic decision of the entire organization, including the smallest departments, which participate in supply chain management process, as well as coordination with partner companies, or warehouses; - Tactical activity aims to adopt measures, which will ensure that the company will receive financial profit. This activity utilizes such practices as cooperation with logistic companies to receive discounts for transportation process, or cooperation with warehouses…

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