Walmart Supply Chain Innovations

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Wal-Mart Supply Chain Innovations

You will soon have to agree that Wal-Mart is one of the most prominent US retailers in the industry today. Wal-Mart has earned that title because of its stature as one of the world 's largest companies/ merchants that represents a large amount of the total sales for several consumer goods companies. When you walk into Wal-Mart, you are in the mist of one of the best logistical and operational triumphs in history. According to an article in the Supply Chain Digests Wal-Mart maintains products made in over 70 countries and on any given day operates over 11,000 stores in 27 countries all over the globe. It also manages large amounts of inventory totaling $32 billion on average. With Wal-Mart dealing with these
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Using different types of techniques, tactics and distribution innovations Wal-Mart was able to create an extremely efficient supply chain model. In doing so they became one of the largest private sector and retail employers in the world. There supply chain management system was so well designed and implemented that the United States Military caught sight of it and connected with them creating the “Training With Industry program”. This when active duty military personnel are able to go and spend a year working with Wal-Mart as part of their military training. The intent of it is that when they complete the year of training with Wal-Mart they can then come back to the military and train other younger soldiers and it also gives them a perspective on what goods supply chain management looks like in the civilian sector. Wal-Mart also caught the eye of the US military because between 1993 and 2001 Wal-Mart was able to convert their business transactions from $1 billion a business week to $1 billion every 36 hours and the way they did it was through their supply chain initiative called VMI (Vender Managed …show more content…
They are consistently coming up with new ideas that make their processes even more lean and agile than they already are. The innovations that I spoke about above were just a few changes that Wal-Mart implemented in their supply chain management plan and used to become one of the worlds most known logistics and supply chain merchant. The benefits of their supply chain management have save them time, provided them faster inventory turnovers and increased warehouse space providing them with extremely accurate forecasting of inventory levels. Though Wal-Mart has done so much thus far they are continuing to do what the Army calls “improving their foxhole”. I can 't wait to see what new innovation Wal-Mart introduces

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