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  • Examples Of Iago's Attitude In Othello

    once said “some men just want to watch the world burn” in reference to Batman’s villain, the Joker. A similarly destructive attitude is festered in the antagonist; Iago of Shakespeare’s play Othello. Iago is motivated by an undeserved hate toward the protagonist, Othello, which leads to chaos and sparks a classic Shakespearean tragedy. Throughout the play, Iago allows jealous suspicion and anger to fuel a hate for the Othello. From Iago’s perspective, he “hate[s] the Moor. My cause is hearted. Thine hath no less reason” (1.3.312). Iago feels this way for a number of reasons that build up and cause Iago to reveal his vengeful mindset early in the play. For example, Iago is angry with Othello for passing up an opportunity to promote his military rank, and he is filled…

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  • Julius General Karaki Case Study

    Julius W. Karangi is one of the highly regarded Kenyan general officer cadre who in November 2003, transitioned from an operational role within the Kenyan Military into a senior leadership position, the rank of Major General. As a result of his ability to impress his seniors in the daily decision-making process, that enhanced Kenya Defense Force’s (KDF) efficacy and competence, he rose up in rank to Lieutenant General. In addition, his personal dimensions eventually saw him further get promoted…

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  • Advantages Of Joining College Essay

    already been at work for hours. Their alarms woke them up; my alarms sent me to general quarters and watches. They made plans based on how they felt; I made plans based on the needs of my country. They couldn’t wait to leave their homes; I couldn’t wait to get back. When they look back on their respective lives, they may wonder if they’ve ever made a difference. I’ve never had that problem.” (Anonymous) Veterans and active duty members post this quote all throughout their social media to…

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  • Captain Rink Character Analysis

    Robert: So, in your experience, four tenths below the Commanders average, how detrimental is that to someone’s career? Captain Rink: None whatsoever. Robert: Would that be evidence by the fact that he actually received a promotion? Captain Rink: Yes, absolutely. Robert: Okay, and again, I know that you said you had no knowledge of the conversation that he alleged that you had with him, but did that conversation play at all into the statement in the FITREP or making my .4 below your…

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  • Personal Narrative-Down, But Not Out !

    eternity weighing my options. Did I want to restart this long journey or get kicked out just to be called a failure again? The answer was clear, and if it meant making my family proud, I was going to be a US Soldier. Pulling up to my Mom’s house after discussing what I just did with the recruiter had to be the most nerve racking moment in my life, considering it had been 6 months since I talked to her or saw her. Walking up the driveway, I began to cry, as I saw my mom standing there at the…

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  • Adonis Vs Fto Tibbetts

    In this scenario, Sergeant Williams, pairs his subordinate Officer Roberts, with Field Training Officer Andrew Tibbetts, who impregnates her. Officer Roberts is irate and upset with Sergeant Williams because FTO Tibbets will not leave his family to enter into a relationship with her. Officer Roberts blames Sergeant Williams because he paired the two together even though Officer Tibbetts had a reputation of being a ladies’ man and that she was vulnerable at the time. Officer Roberts felt that…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Police Officer

    I was then the Director of Human Resources. I did the same thing that I did as Lieutenant, the only difference was the change in name of rank. I worked very hard throughout my time in FDSA, and I was promoted to Assistant Chief by the Chief. I was now an official member of the High Command team once again. I was Assistant Chief for about 5 years ((5 months)) and I stayed that way for a while, but I had absolutely no complaints. I was the Director of Personnel and I had a great job. My hard work…

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  • Reflection Of Three Formal Interviews As An Army Officer

    Upon graduating from the United States Military Academy, I will commission into the Army as a Second Lieutenant and serve as an infantry officer. Knowing this, I have set out to gain a good understanding of what is expected of me upon my arrival at my unit. One way to gain this understanding is to continuously conduct interviews with the past and current members of the infantry branch. By conducting these interviews, I have the ability to learn a lot about what is expected of me and where junior…

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  • Army Officer Reflective Essay

    When I first wanted to join AROTC I thought it was just about being an Army soldier while in school. I actually didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting myself into I was a clean sleight. I had no idea that AROTC was dealing with being an officer and all the roles officers played. Once enrolling I started thinking the words “Army Officer” meant nothing but paper and desk work. Later to find out that the words “Army Officer” has a much deeper passionate meaning than I thought. Over the…

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  • Major General Walter Boney Character Analysis

    civilians they encountered to get the hell out of the area, that there was a shit storm coming and they were in the middle of it. If they couldn’t take it with them and the civilians on the area weren’t taking it with them, blow it in place. There were several communal farms they had passed, the Brigades that happened on them were torn with how to deal with them. They knew that Colonel Magnus would have no problem taking the farms and confiscating everything for his Army and if the civilians…

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