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  • Hunted In The Most Dangerous Game, By Richard Connell

    When Rainsford first goes to the front door of Zaroff’s house, Zaroff meets Rainsford by saying, “It is a very great pleasure and honor to welcome Mr. Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home” (4). This shows that General Zaroff is two-faced and devious. He is being polite and civilized while saying this, but later in the story we learn of his true intentions: he likes to hunt people for fun. While Rainsford is in Zaroff’s home, Zaroff tells Rainsford that he hunts a new animal. After learning of the animal Zaroff hunts, Rainsford says, “Thank you, I'm a hunter, not a murderer” (8). This quotation tells the reader that Rainsford is upfront and feels strongly against murder. He is upfront by telling a murderer that what he is doing is wrong. Rainsford’s upfront and honest nature shows that he makes just and fair decisions, whereas Zaroff’s devious and two-faced nature demonstrates Zaroff negative reputation just like…

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  • Glass Ceiling Theory In The Military

    There is no doubt that there exist institutional and individual bias in promotion board process.” In order to have an increase in blacks as general officers, would be to (1) make the promotion board more transparent, allowing the members to understand the promotion criteria in which the board members base their selection on. (2) remove any indication of the officers assign branch/job and (3) remove the members’ Army official photo. These changes here could drastically change the out come of the…

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  • Julius General Karaki Case Study

    Julius W. Karangi is one of the highly regarded Kenyan general officer cadre who in November 2003, transitioned from an operational role within the Kenyan Military into a senior leadership position, the rank of Major General. As a result of his ability to impress his seniors in the daily decision-making process, that enhanced Kenya Defense Force’s (KDF) efficacy and competence, he rose up in rank to Lieutenant General. In addition, his personal dimensions eventually saw him further get promoted…

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  • Essay On Prison Observation

    amount and type of drugs being administered by the medical facility to the inmate and other medical personnel. Then the over watch officer ensures the perimeter distance is sustained at all times and checks to see if the inmate has swallow their medication by opening their mouth and physically showing that they swallowed the medication. However, it is not required that the inmate must take their prescribed medication by the medical staff. Like in the constitution, even an inmate has rights to…

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  • Violence In Robert Browning's Ordinary Men

    Humans, in general, do not like to believe there is an underlying inclination to violence in each and every one of us. People will cite morals, religion, education; reasons that would somehow exclude them from a flaw seen time and again throughout the historical record. Those that stray from the human ‘script’ are seen as abnormal, sometimes given labels as sociopaths or psychopaths to separate and classify those that are different. Browning’s Ordinary Men, however, sheds light on a group of men…

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  • Adultery In The Military: A Case Study

    States committed adultery. President Clinton was caught committing adultery with a White House intern. During the scandal the House of Representative tried to impeach President Clinton; however, the Senate failed to eject Clinton (Nelson, 2013). This case was very controversial because supporters believed President Clinton 's personal life was not a public issue (Nelson, 2013). I do not understand how the President of the United States, who is the Commander in Chief, receives a slap on the…

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  • Negro Dogs: Slave Runaways In The US

    of a Butler had come to the attention of Union military authorities by early 1865. On January 17, Major General John Foster, commander of the Military District of the South headquartered at Hilton Head on the Carolina coast, noted in a report about Confederate defenses that a “man named Butler” lived “between Ashepo and Pocotaligio” had “in November 1864, had captured more than seventy escaped Union officers by dogs.” The area referred to in the report is about a hundred miles southeast of…

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  • Is The General Will Always Right Analysis

    2400 Zhiyuan Li Is the general will always right? In November 2014, China released a draft amendment to its Criminal Law, including exempting nine crimes from the death penalty. However, a considerable number of people almost immediately expressed their strong disagreement on lightening punishment for those crimes and asked for the most severe punishment instead. If we regard reducing death penalty crimes as the general will, or what is best for the whole society, the opponents might therefore…

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  • Public Relations Officer: A Case Study

    As our Public Relations officer, Angie Chacko, was involved in every aspect of our chapter including the Honors in Action topic. She was not involved in the research process of the project, but she did help deliver the information to our members and people outside of the chapter. When our chapter set our four step action plan to raise awareness of our HIA topic, Angie took the initiative to spread the word. Even before our brochures containing our research were made, Angie kept a communication…

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  • Reflection On The Movie Crash

    have more peaceful resolutions to tense situations. Crash: Multi Cultural Diversity Officers and Citizens In the beginning of this movie we see a car crash and see two people arguing. One lady speaks broken English. This flips a switch in the second ladies mind so that the wording escalates into screaming from both sides. The officer on site who is trying help these women find a peaceful solution is overshadowed by their anger at one another for more than the actual car accident. In…

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