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  • Military Downfall

    the strongest military in the world? Because of weakening foreign relations, decreases in the protection of America, and the negative effects on the families of those who serve in the military, budget cuts in the military should be stopped. Although many believe that the military already has enough money, more funding should be given to necessary programs. Our country has been fighting over foreign policies for a long time. Foreign…

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  • Youth Practicum Narrative Report

    BLOG POST Walking in the first day, I was very nervous but I felt very excited at the same time for my future. Me and my parents were welcomed into the James River Youth building by a crowd of sophomores that were chanting may name. I saw some familiar faces that i have met over the years and that made it all the more exciting for me. One of my best friends, Daneisha, was one of those faces and she took my picture for my student ID. This was her job because she was in the Communications…

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  • Preacher In Dorothy West's The Wedding Parents

    In Dorothy West’s The Wedding parents are the deciding factor. They determine the future of their half of the tree. Their ideals are instilled and then passed on from child to child. The evolution of the Coles family begins with Preacher. His life’s work is the improvement of the Coles’ brand. He becomes a preacher, influencing a white community he might not have been able to converse with otherwise. Preacher becomes aware that he cannot rise to the top in one lifetime, but rather, over many.…

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  • Blame And Responsibility Essay

    ‘Responsible’ in this sense is an adjective, denoting a quality of character and mind, not a position within a web of dialectical obligation . . . .It is a term of high commendation, though from an external point of view. We want to have responsible people about in positions of authority, performing their duties reliably and well (Lucas 1993, p. 11) This quote explicitly explains the type of position that a person is put in when they are held responsible. They are not to be blamed, but they are…

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  • Joshua Generation Essay

    INTRODUCTION Joshua Generation is a ministry inspired to fulfill the great commission of Christ [Matthew 28:18-20]. This ministry is under the leadership of Apostle Willie King and Prophetess Linda King and the Showers of Blessings Harvest Center Church. This ministry is dedicated to evangelizing This current college and young adult generation back to Christ. We want to a Beacon in the city of Gainesville for the light of God to shine through. We will be the labours harvesting lost souls into…

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  • Analysis Of A Preacher Without A Pulpit

    Preacher Without a Pulpit Preachers are respected figures of the religious community. I had a chance to follow Pastor William Reed for a week and got to learn more about the man that I see on Sunday mornings. It’s hard to picture the man behind the preacher, but after a few days I realized that my preacher is a man of God but more man than expected. As time went by and the questions were asked I got an incite of his life with and without a pulpit. Many times, people get it in their mind that a…

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  • Sports Coach Assessment

    This post will identify a set of criteria which to use to evaluate the effectiveness of a sports coach, a teacher, and a senior pastor referred to henceforth as leaders. Each of the items will be listed in order of highest priority to least. Next, the item will be justified along with how each item difference from each leader. Lastly, how each of these criteria can be measure will be looked at. This post is written from my personal perception of the job of these individuals and the roles that…

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  • Formulaic Theories In Orthodoxy Theology And Ministry

    unable to make mistakes, but as long as they are grounded in the faith of the Church with humility then God’s grace is able to fulfill where the minister is lacking. If we rely only on experiences and common medicine in the world (which obviously has its use), but are devoid of the faith then we are not allowing Christ to intervene. This ministry, whether it takes place in marital counseling, spiritual healing, etc. must always seek to reveal the person of Christ and the state of man. This…

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  • The Importance Of The Pastoral Ministry

    days later. I treated this life changing event as a confirmation to my call into ministry, with one amazing story ready to preach. The following year I decided to enter North Central Bible College and I pursued a degree in Pastoral Studies. This was my first time to observe and become involved in several other Assembly of God churches. Quickly I found out that I was not the star on the basketball team anymore, and the opportunities and acceptance I had never did compare to what I had at…

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  • Virtues Of The Ordained Life By Willimon Analysis

    Introduction William Willimon states in Calling and Character: Virtues of the Ordained Life: “this character, the cross, indelibly determines our character” (2000, p. 35). He connects how both the calling of the ordained and her/his character connect. Willimon addresses several things that I personally found beneficial as someone who is going into Christian Ministry. For example, he clearly addresses the need for unity between the professional and private life of a pastor. His goal is to inform…

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