The Effects Of Budget Cuts In The Military

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The Slow Downfall of the U.S.A.

Imagine that the world has entered into a war with no predictable outcome. Countries fighting against one another with no clear sides or allies. The U.S. is nowhere to be found on the battlefields, in the skies, or even in the sea. What could have happened to the powerhouse with the strongest military in the world? Because of weakening foreign relations, decreases in the protection of America, and the negative effects on the families of those who serve in the military, budget cuts in the military should be stopped. Although many believe that the military already has enough money, more funding should be given to necessary programs.

Our country has been fighting over foreign policies for a long time. Foreign
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Even with the current budget, many units still have difficulty with being ready for anything. Kerry Kachejian (Col., U.S. Army Reserves Ret.) when he writes, “Some units, like mine, were deployed so fast that we did not have the equipment needed to transport people safely over there”(Kachejian). Basically Kachejian is saying that his unit, and many others, do not have funding to adequately do their jobs. With short supply of equipment and personnel, the military has to find a new definition of readiness to follow. Lack of equipment could lead to the heightened danger for those who deploy overseas. The short supply of personnel leaves a thinly stretched military to defend the nation. The military is made of mostly personnel, but with decreasing amounts of soldiers people fear for the upcoming …show more content…
The effects would reduce commissary subsidies, while also reducing housing allowances. Reducing the housing allowances would affect the housing companies that help the soldiers. This could start to affect the whole housing market with many not being able to afford good housing options. Veterans would also have to start paying higher payments to help pay for taxes. James Carafano states that the military is “one big national insurance policy”(Carafano). This means that we should thank those who keep us safe no matter what we believe. Instead, we have been cutting off the support and leaving them behind. Although budget cuts may seem of concern to only a small group of people, such as soldiers and their families, it should concern anyone who cares about the protection of the

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